Epson Printer Interface Cards

Epson Connect-It Interface Board, 802.11n UB-R04 C32C824617 Epson Connect-It Interface Board, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, SSP Security Epson Connect-It Interface Board, Ethernet UB-E04
Epson UB-R04 802.11 WiFi Epson UB-B03 Bluetooth Epson UB-E04 Ethernet
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C32C824621 Epson Bluetooth Interface Card, for Epson TM-T88V and TM-T70II, Epson UB-B03 Epson C32C824621 $155.43
C823891 Epson Parallel Interface Card, for Epson TM-T88V and TM-U220, Epson UB-P02 Epson C823891 $27.50
C823893 Epson USB Interface Card with RS-232 DB-9-Pin Serial, for TM-88V Epson UB-U09 Epson C823893 $80.11
C823361 Epson Serial Interface Card, RS-232 25-Pin, 1K Buffer, for TM-88V Epson UB-S01 Epson C823361 $27.50
C823861 Epson UB-S09, Connect-It Interface, Serial with Display Module (Pole Display) Port - Same as C32C823861 $37.50
C32C823861 Epson UB-S09, Connect-It Interface, Serial with Display Module (Pole Display) Port - Same as C823861 $37.50
C32C823991 Epson On Board USB Interface Card, for TM-88IV, T70, TransScan Epson UB-U05 Epson C32C823991 $56.20
C32C824131 Epson USB Interface Card, Without HUB or DM Port Epson UB-U02 Epson C32C824131 $56.20
C32C823950 Epson Powered USB Interface Card, no Emulation, Epson UB-U04 Epson C32C823950 $43.04
C32C824071 Epson Powered USB Interface Card, for TM-T88V, H6000IV Epson UB-U06 Epson C32C824071 $43.04
C32C824121 Epson UB-U02-III USB 2.0 Interface Board and DMD for all printers except TransScan Epson C32C824121 $75.33
C12C824431 Epson Serial Interface Board, Type B Epson C12C824431 $69.07
C32C824092 Epson On Board USB with DB9 Serial Card, T88IV, TRANS Epson C32C824092 $77.72
C32C824111 Epson UB-U01-III 2 Port HUB USB Interface and DMD Epson C32C824111 $89.67
C12C824352 Epson 10/100 Base TX Card for Impact Printers Epson C12C824352 $317.21
UBD01 Epson Connect-It Interface Board (with Drawer Kick, RJ-12 Port) $41.84
C32C824617 Epson C32C824617 Epson CNITWIFI UB-R04 Interface, Compact Flash Wireless 802.11A/B/G/N WPA, W58 $155.43
C32C881004 Epson C32C881004 OmniLink Cloud Interface Card, UB-IU01C $152.05
C32C881008 Epson C32C881008 Epson CNITETHER Ethernet Interface Card, UB-E04, 10/100 Base T $97.50
C32C824A8811 Epson C32C824A8811 mPOS Friendly E04 Ethernet Card, DHCP $97.50
C32C824571 Epson C32C824571 UB-E500 Ethernet Interface Card, for TM-L500A $97.50
C32C881A9961 Epson C32C881A9961 UB-IU01C: Cloud Interface Card with RTSC Agent $137.50
C32C824591 Epson C32C824591 UB-S17: RS485 Interface Card for H6000IV/H2000/T88V $44.05


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