Citizen Printer Parts and Accessories

Citizen Printer Parts and Accessories

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13100003 Citizen Printer 13100003 Serial IF Cable, CMP-10 to DB-9 Female, formerly CA10-01 $9.86
13090031 Citizen Printer 13090031 Battery LI-ION BA10-027.4V 2AH CMP10 $65.05
PD10008-0 Citizen Printer PD10008-0 PD24 Car Adapter $53.23
PD69910-0 Citizen Printer PD69910-0 PD24 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery $180.00
PD69923-0 Citizen Printer PD69923-0 PD24 External Battery Charger $180.00
PD69929-0 Citizen Printer PD69929-0 PD24 AC Power Adapter $150.00
PD79920-0M Citizen Printer PD79920-0M PD24 USB Cable $45.00
PD79921-OM PD79921-OM Citizen Printer Cable, Serial, I/F RS232C for PD24 Printer $33.38
PS-09-0900-C-1 Citizen Printer PS-09-0900-C-1 Adapter, 9V-0.9A, 1.3mm Barrel, Auto Adapter for CMP-10 $14.69
SPROOF-CTS300 Citizen Printer SPROOF-CTS300 Cover splash proof CT-S300/CT-S310 Clear $10.00
WALL-CTS300 Citizen Printer WALL-CTS300 Wall Bracket, CT-S300 and CD-S500 series $18.45
WALL-CTS4000 Citizen Printer WALL-CTS4000 Wall bracket, CT-S4000 $18.45
JE98903-0 Citizen Printer JE98903-0 Roll Holder for 521/621 $46.34
JM14703-0 Citizen Printer JM14703-0 Print head for CLP-521 $131.77
JM14705-00F Citizen Printer JM14705-00F Print head for CLP-621 $145.20
JM14706-00F Citizen Printer JM14706-00F Print head for CLP-631 $210.64
JN09802-00F Citizen Printer JN09802-00F Unit Print Head, CL-S700 $181.65
JN09804-00F Citizen Printer JN09804-00F Unit Print Head,, 300DPI CL-S703 $294.90
JN98901-0M Citizen Printer JN98901-0M Cutter (for the CLS700) $315.95
CMP-BA20 Citizen CMP-BA20 Accessory, Battery $31.93
OPT-781 Citizen Printer OPT-781 Kit, Ethernet, INW/MNT 8300S SEH IC102 $281.44
OPT-788 Citizen Printer OPT-788 Assembly, Ethernet, IN W/MNT CLP-521, 621, CL-S700, CL-S703 $228.20
OPT-789 Citizen Printer OPT-789 Cutter (for the CLP521/621/631) $175.53
OPT-790 Citizen Printer OPT-790 CLP-521/621 Peeler Assembly Field Installable $157.98
H0944-05VC Citizen Printer H0944-05VC Ribbon for CI-5000 Printer Sold As Each $13.81
CMP-AD20US Citizen CMP20/30 Recharger Citizen CIT-APM00-00DG-C036 Citizen CMP-AD20US $21.29
PC-084100C Citizen Printer PC-084100C CMP20/30 Vehicle Charger $21.29
CA20-U01 Citizen Printer CA20-U01 CMP20/30 USBCable CA20-U01 $5.92
MBP05-00PK-C007 Citizen Printer MBP05-00PK-C007 CMP20/30 Shoulder Strap $8.51
OPT-797 Citizen Printer OPT-797 WIFI WLAN Card, 802.11BG, SEH for CLS and CLP Printers $315.95
MBP06-00PK-C006 Citizen Printer MBP06-00PK-C006 CMP30 Leather Case $17.03
JM76921-00F Citizen Printer JM76921-00F CL-S521 Box $5.85
E4900-060 Citizen Printer E4900-060 Datacard Printer Cable Harness for CBM291/293 40 Pin I/F $9.37
IR-31B-BOX Citizen Printer IR-31B-BOX Printer Ribbon Black CDS5X, Box of 10 Ribbons $18.92
KF2003-GD45D Citizen Printer KF2003-GD45D Printer Printhead, for the CBM1000 II $37.46
CMP-BA30 Citizen CMP-BA30 Accessory, Battery $39.03
MBP06-00AS-B012 Citizen Printer MBP06-00AS-B012 CMP-30 Cradle, Battery Charger for CMP-30 Printer $21.29
13110002 Citizen Printer 13110002 Adapter, 2P Round, 110-240 Volt D.U. for the CMP-10 $51.94
91ADE Citizen Printer 91ADE CMB-910II, External UK Power Supply, Plug into US Cord $31.74

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