Zebra MP6000 Scanner Scale Multi-Plane Bioptic Imager

Zebra MP6000 Scanner Scale Multi-Plane Bioptic Imager
  • Unsurpassed scanning performance
  • Auto-discriminate reading of 1-D and 2-D bar codes
  • Minimize breakdown and maintenance costs
  • Unprecedented management capability
  • Sapphire glass
  • Integrated EAS support
  • Supports the Checkpoint or Sensormatic system
  • Whisper quiet
  • Omni-directional scanning
  • Optional customer side scanner
  • Fits into existing checkstands
  • Three programmable buttons

Zebra MP6000 Scanner Scale Multi-Plane Bioptic Imager

Zebra MP6000 Scanner Scale Multi-Plane Bioptic Imager

This multi-plane bioptic imager can capture virtually any printed or mobile 1D or 2D barcode in practically any condition, with blazing speed. The all-new modular design allows you to add a customer-side scanner for barcodes displayed on mobile phones, traditional loyalty cards or even impulse buys, as well as a handheld scanner and EAS, while providing expandability for future requirements – such as an RFID reader. The result? Higher throughput. Fewer abandoned sales. And a great lasting impression that will foster increased loyalty and return visits.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
MP6000-LN000M010US Zebra MP6000-LN000M010US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (Scanner Only, 2D Scanner, Long, No Scale with CheckPoint WW) $1,055.87
MP6000-MN000M010US Zebra MP6000-MN000M010US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (Scanner Only, 2D Scanner, Medium, No Scale with CheckPoint WW) $1,055.87
MP6000-SN000M010US Zebra MP6000-SN000M010US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (No Scale, Short, IBM USB, US) $1,055.87
MP6200-LN000M010US Zebra MP6200-LN000M010US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (Multi-Plane, No CSS.US/PR Scale CheckPoint) $1,441.15
MP6200-LNR510200US Zebra MP6200-LNR510200US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (1-IVL Scale, Long, RS232 Cable, Power Supply) $1,943.90
MP6200-LNR51S200CM Zebra MP6200-LNR51S200CM MP6000 Scanner-Scale (Kit: 1-IVL Scale, Long, Scale, Display, RS232) $2,034.01
MP6200-LNU520000US Zebra MP6200-LNU520000US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (1IVL Scale, Long, Powered USB Cable) $1,923.03
MP6200-LNU52S000CM Zebra MP6200-LNU52S000CM MP6000 Scanner-Scale (1-IVL Scale, Lone, Scale Display, Powered USB Cable) $2,013.14
MP6200-LPR510200US Zebra MP6200-LPR510200US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (DLP, 1-IVL Scale, Long, RS232 Cable, Power Supply) $1,943.90
MP6200-LPU520000US Zebra MP6200-LPU520000US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (DLP, 1-IVL Scale, Long, Powered USB Cable) $1,923.03
MP6200-MN000M010CM Zebra MP6200-MN000M010CM MP6000 Scanner-Scale (Medium, Single Interval kg Scale, No CSS, CheckPoint, CN/MX) $2,746.01
MP6200-MN000M010US Zebra MP6200-MN000M010US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (Multi-Plane, Medium/Single INTV CSS. CheckPoint, US/PR Scale) $1,441.15
MP6200-MP000M010US Zebra MP6200-MP000M010US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (1-IVL SCL MED DLP IBM USB US) $2,746.01
MP6210-LN000M010US Zebra MP6210-LN000M010US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (Multi-Plane, CSS. CheckPoint, US/PR Scale Single Interval) $1,617.62
MP6210-LP000M010US Zebra MP6210-LP000M010US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (Multi-Plane, Single Interval with CSS, DLP) $1,617.62
MP6210-MN000M010US Zebra MP6210-MN000M010US MP6000, Multi-Plan Scanner, Single Interval Pound Scale, with CSS, No HH, Medium, No Radio, No DLP, No EAS, US/PR Scale $1,617.62
MP6210-MP000M010US Zebra MP6210-MP000M010US MP6000 Scanner-Scale (1-IVL SCL CSS MED DLP IBM USB, US) $2,959.36
MX305-SR00004ZZWR Zebra MX305-SR00004ZZWR MP6000 Accessory, Tower Extender $36.70
CBA-U51-S16ZAR Zebra CBA-U51-S16ZAR Cable, 5 Meters, MP6000 USB Cable Type A Connector $34.83
MX201-SI00WW Zebra MX201-SI00WW MP6000 Pole Display, Single Interval, Worldwide $149.56
MP6200-LN000M010CM Zebra MP6200-LN000M010CM MP6000, Multi-Plane Scanner, Long, Single Interval, KG Scale, No CSS, CheckPoint, Canada-Mexico Scale Label $1,441.15
MP6500-LN000M010NN Zebra MP6500-LN000M010NN Multi-Plane Scanner, Long with Dual Interval Scale, with Checkpoint, Scale for NN $1,441.15
MP6210-MN000M010NN Zebra MP6210-MN000M010NN MP6000, Multi-Plane Scanner, Medium, Single Interval Scale, with Checkpoint, with CSS, Scale for OIML Countries $1,617.62


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