Socket Scanner Parts and Accessories

Socket Handheld Bluetooth Scanner Parts and Accessories

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IS5029613 CF Scan Card 5P Class 2 Laser Pack OF 20 $6,714.79
IS5306-736 SDIO Scan Card 3P Class 2 Laser $320.43
HC1610-765 ACC SoMo 650 LION Battery Extended, 2600MAH, 20 Pack $1,333.16
HC1647-1135 ACC SoMo 650 Tethered Stylus 10 Pack (3 Pack) $129.13
HC1663-1190 ACC SoMo 650Hand/Wrist Strap Not For Use With DuraCase $17.93
HC1664-1191 ACC SoMo 650Hand/Wrist Strap 20 PK, Nor For Use With DuraCase $322.83
AC4064-1498 Socket CHS Series 8 Bluetooth Scanner Charging Cradle, USB - AC4064-1498 $13.60
AC4065-1499 Socket CHS Series 8 Bluetooth Scanner AC Adapter USB,100-240V 5V/1A - AC4065-1499 $10.66
AC4066-1500 Socket CHS Series 8 Bluetooth Scanner Klip Case, Apple, iPhone 5 - AC4066-1500 $18.54
AC4067-1501 Socket CHS Series 8 Bluetooth Scanner Klip Case, Apple, iPod Touch 5 - AC4067-1501 $18.54
AC4068-1502 Socket CHS Series 8 Bluetooth Scanner Klip Case, Samsung Galaxy 4 - AC4068-1502 $18.54
AC4069-1503 Socket CHS Series 8 Bluetooth Scanner Klip Case Universal - AC4069-1503 $14.54
AC4076-1538 Socket Scanner QX Stand, with 1A AC Adapter, 3M USB Charging Cable, for Socket CHS 7 $95.94
AC4097-1678 Socket Mobile AC4097-1678 CHS Series 8 AC Adapter, USB, 5V/1A, 50 Pack $557.23
AC4101-1693 Socket Mobile AC4101-1693 Durable Lanyard with Retractor, 50 Pieces $339.18
AC4088-1657 Socket Mobile AC4088-1657 OE Charging Mount 'only' for 7&700 Series $86.25
AC4102-1695 Socket Mobile AC4102-1695 Charging Cord for DuraScan and Durable Scanner, Black $70.75
AC4060-1482 Socket Mobile AC4060-1482 CHS Lithium Ion Battery Replacement for CHS 7Qi/7X $190.03
AC4077-1539 Socket Mobile AC4077-1539 7/700/800 AC Power Supply USB 100-240V, 5V/1A $25.03
AC4094-1670 Socket Mobile AC4094-1670 DuraCase & Charging Dock for 800SR $155.05
AC4115-1764 Socket Mobile AC4115-1764 DuraCase 6 Multi Bay Charger - 800 Series $309.14
AC4113-1762 Socket Mobile AC4113-1762 DuraCase Charging Adapter $38.77
AC4119-1786 Socket Mobile AC4119-1786 DuraCase Multi Charger AC P/S,NA & Japan $9.69
AC4124-1791 Socket Mobile AC4124-1791 DuraCase Only for 800 Series Scanners $92.99
AC4093-1669 Socket Mobile AC4093-1669 DuraCase Single Charger Dock, 800 Series Scanners $72.68
AC4118-1785 Socket Mobile AC4118-1785 DuraCase and Charging Dock for 800 Series $155.05
AC4092-1668 Socket Mobile AC4092-1668 DuraCase 800 Series for iPod Touch $88.07
AC4117-1784 Socket Mobile AC4117-1784 DuraCase for 800 Series -Samsung J3/J5 $88.07
AC4085-1582 Socket Mobile AC4085-1582 Battery Door - Durable CHS 7Di/7Pi/7Xi, Black $9.69
AC4130-1828 Socket Mobile AC4130-1828 Durable Retractable Clip $21.32
TM-H700UT-01 Unitech TM-H700UT-01 Holster with Belt Clip $656.64
AC4100-1692 Socket Mobile AC4100-1692 Durable Lanyard - Black $7.75
AC4125-1792 Socket AC4125-1792 DuraCase and Charging Dock for 800 Series $155.05
AC4134-1877 Socket Mobile AC4134-1877 Durable Retractable Clip, 50 Bulk $973.31


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