SpacePole Drive Through Payment Paddle

SpacePole Drive Through Payment Paddle
  • Arm’s length payments
  • Protects payment devices from drop and cable damage
  • Flexible design to accommodate various payment terminals and functions
  • Ergonomic operation for taking payments
  • More secure PIN entry and easier contactless payment for customers
  • Speed up transactions at the point of payment
  • Reduced threat of theft

SpacePole Payment Paddle

SpacePole Drive Through Payment Paddle

The SpacePole Payment Paddle enables a payment terminal device or mobile card reader to be attached to one end of an ergonomic handle, ideal for using at the drive-thru, for home delivery and point of sale applications. It’s an effective way to take payments securely and safely for both customers and staff.

The SpacePole Payment Paddle is compatible with all major payment terminals using our unique MultiGrip payment device adapter.

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