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Elo Touch Screen Display Extended Warranty Prices

Warranty Information

Elo TouchSystems provides the following limited warranties on its products.
The warranty period begins on the date when Elo first ships product to the Elo TouchSystems customer.

 Interactive Digital Signage (IDS)
All IDS display and IDS Computer Modules
I-Series All-in-One
3 years
2 years
 Tablets Elo Tablet (ETT10A1)
Elo Tablet Battery
18 months
12 months
 Touchcomputers X-Series, E-Series, PayPoint, B-Series, C-Series and D-Series 3 years
 Touchmonitors LCD 3 years
 (when sold as components)
AccuTouch 5 years
Acoustic pulse recognition (APR) 10 years
CarrollTouch 5 years
IntelliTouch 10 years
IntelliTouch Plus 3 years
iTouch 2 years
Projected capacitive
This technology is currently unavailable
in the United States
2 years
SecureTouch 10 years
Surface capacitive 5 years
 Peripherals and Options
Magnetic Stripe Readers (MSR)
Rear-Facing Customer Displays (RFCD)
Biometric Fingerprint Readers (FPR)
Barcode Scanners
PCI-Expansion Card Kits (for All-in-One Touchcomputers)
1 year
 when sold as components
AccuTouch Resistive Controller 2216 E658721
AccuTouch Resistive Controller 2218 E329179
(except COACh)
5 years

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ELO Touchscreen and Touchcomputer RMAs

EXTENDED WARRANTIES  If you wish to buy an  extended warranty at time-of-purchase, you may buy:
Drop Ship means it is ordered when the product is ordered and drop shipped
WH-08 No Delivery means that the customer already has the monitor and wants to add the warranty to it.

  •    1 Year Extended Warranty (extends a 3 yr. warranty to 4 yrs.)
  •    2 Year Extended Warranty (extends a 3 yr. warranty to 5 yrs.)
   If you wish to have an immediate 1 DAY REPLACEMENT,  you can purchase ELO's Advance Unit Replacement
   (AUR) warranty.  The AUR warranty is bought a time of purchase and helps those for who value highly business
   continuity or equipment up-times as critical issues and are willing to pay a little extra for immediate overnight
   shipment of replacement units.  (USA and Canada only).
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