Cherry Ultraslim G84-4400 Series Keyboards

 Cherry G84-4400 Ultraslim Compact Keyboard

You need a pointing device? But you don't have enough room for a separate mouse? In that case the ultraflat compact keyboard with integrated trackball will solve your problem. It's perfect for 19 inch applications Slimline PCs and notebooks. It also has additional input options for pen-based computers.

Cherry G84-4400 Series Ultraslim Compact Keyboard

Cherry 4400 Series Ultraslim Compact Keyboard
  • Individual keys with Gold Crosspoint contacts (ML technology)
  • Designed for continuous usage - over 20 million confirmations per key
  • High level of reliability and unique precision confirmation feeling
  • Integrated optical trackball plus 2 mouse button
  • Extremely flat - total height just 20 mm
  • Lightweight
  • 83 keyboard layout with all the functions of a standard keyboard
  • Standard drivers
  • 15" width is Ideal for limited space applications