Unitech MS120 Wand Pen Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS120 Wand Pen Barcode Scanner

  • Durable, replaceable sapphire tip
  • Easy to use and configure
  • High scan speed (5 ~ 200 cm/sec)
  • Keyboard wedge and RS232 interfaces available
  • Low power consumption
  • Rugged, lightweight design
  • Wide read angle (0 ~ 45 degrees)

Unitech MS120 Wand Pen Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS120 Wand Pen Barcode Scanner

The Unitech MS120 series bar code wands are targeted toward low reading volume and cost effective solutions. The advanced optics and electronic design convert bar code labels into a high quality digital signal. Able to read color, faded and low contrast barcodes quickly and accurately, the MS120 is a proven solution.

The polished sapphire tip reduces wear on labels and is also easily replaced if damaged. The Unitech MS120 is available with three different interfaces. The Unitech MS120A is an undecoded model which interfaces via a 9pin squeeze release connector. The MS120-2 has an RS232 interface with a built in decoder. With a keyboard wedge (AT or PS/2) interface the MS120-3 also has a built-in decoder.

Its shape gives the MS120 the comfort and handling of a normal ink pen. Just sweep the tip of the wand across the bar code in either direction and listen for the "good read" beep that lets you know the data has been successfully captured. It doesn't get any easier than that.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
MS120-NKCB00-SG Unitech MS120-NKCB00-SG MS120 Pen Scanner, Keyboard Wedge PS/2 $71.27
MS120-3G Unitech MS120-3G MS120 Pen Scanner, Stainless Steel Wand, with Keyboard Wedge Interface and AT-XT Y Cable $71.27
MS120-NTCB00-SG Unitech MS120-NTCB00-SG MS120 Pen Scanner, Stainless Steel Wand with DB-9-F Squeeze Release Connector $39.20
400120-Z010 Unitech 400120-Z010 Stand, for the MS100 and MS120 $12.09
2072-0079-00 Unitech 2072-0079-00 Replacement Wand Tip for the MS120 Pen Scanner $11.88


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