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Honeywell Mobile Computer Parts and Accessories

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300001490 Honeywell Cordless Latching Mechanism $12.78
6000-USB-1 Honeywell Cable Kit (USB COMM and Charge Cable Kit with Snap-On TERMCUP and PWR AD) for the Dolphin 6000 $36.94
7800-BTXCW Honeywell Ext. Battery Pack (for Healthcare, LI-ON, 3.7V, 14.8 WATT HR) for the Dolphin 7800 $94.46
70E-EXTBATTKIT Honeywell Dolphin 70E-EXTBATTKIT Ext. Battery Door (with Stylus and a Stylus Tether) for the Dolphin 70e Black $31.59
200002586 Honeywell High Capacity Battery (7.4V 18.5 Watt Hour Lion Pack) for the Dolphin $127.13
99EX-HOLSTER Honeywell Holster (with Belt Loop and Pocket for Spare Battery) for the 99EX $35.51
70E-BOOT Honeywell Dolphin 70E-BOOT Protective Boot (Black Rubber Enclosure) for the Dolphin 70e Black $34.08
100008194 Honeywell Stylus (for the 9900) $7.11
7800-HOLSTER Honeywell Carrying Holster (with Integrated Belt Clip and Spare Battery Pouch) for the 7800 $33.37
7800-QC-1 Honeywell Quad Charger (4-Slot Battery Charging Station, US Power Cord/Power Supply) for the 7800 $206.67
99EX-BTSC-1 Honeywell Standard Battery Pack (Li-Ion, 3.7V, 11.3 Watt Hour) for the 99EX $71.02
70E-MB-12 Honeywell Dolphin 70E-MB-12 Mobile Base Vehicle Kit (Charging with Speaker and 12V-24V Power) for the Dolphin 70e Black $193.17
7800-HB-1 Honeywell HomeBase (US Kit, US Power Cord and Power Supply) for the 7800 $176.12
50101608-001 Honeywell Wall Mount Bracket (99EX-CB-NB Bracket) for the Dolphin 99EX $56.82
70E-EXTBATTDOOR Honeywell Dolphin 70E-EXTBATTDOOR Extended Battery Door (for the Dolphin 70e Black) $11.86
7800-BTXC Honeywell Extended Battery Pack (Li-ion, 3.7V, 14.8Whr) for the Dolphin 7800 $94.46
6000-QC-1 Honeywell Quad Charger (4-Slot Battery Bay for STD and EXT Batteries) for the Dolphin 6x00 $211.63
60S-MC Honeywell Mobile Charger (Charging Cable from Cigarette Lighter) for the Dolphin 60s $35.51
6500-COVER Honeywell Protective Enclosure (for the 6500) $49.73
70E-MC Honeywell Dolphin 70E-MC Mobile Charger (Charging Cable 12V-24V cig to micro USB) for the Dolphin 70e Black $35.51
99EX-CB-1 Honeywell Charger-Base (4 Bay Terminal Charge Cradle, US Power Cord and Power Supply) for the Dolphin 99EX $414.05
60S-DEXKIT Honeywell Mobile Charger Cup (with DEX Cable Solution) for the Dolphin 60s $53.26
7800-MC Honeywell Mobile Charge Cable Kit (12V Vehicle Charge Adapter with T Cup) for the Dolphin 7800 $110.79
100003893E Honeywell Wall Supply Adapter (US Plug) for the Dolphin 7600 $4.97
50103951-001FRU Honeywell Dolphin Hand-Held Mobile Computer Honeywell Dolphin 50103951-001FRU $17.04
6000-BATT Honeywell Battery Pack (3.7V Lithium-Ion) for the Dolphin 6000 $33.37
300001650 Honeywell Dolphin Hand-Held Mobile Computer Honeywell Dolphin 300001650 $25.34
6000-HB-1 Honeywell HomeBase US Kit (Single Bay Charge Cradle with USB and Serial Ports) for the Dolphin 6000 $88.07
99EX-HOLSTER-2 Honeywell Long Holster (with Belt Loop and Pocket for Spare Battery) for the Dolphin 99EX $33.37
60S-HB-1 Honeywell HomeBase US Kit (Charging Cradle with Battery Well) for the Dolphin 60s $85.22
80000355E Honeywell Cable (6 Feet, USB Cable to Connect USB HomeBase PC;7300 and 7400; ROHS) $26.99
300001655 Honeywell Hand Strap (with Clips) for the Dolphin 99EX $17.90
6000-BTEC Honeywell Extended Capacity Battery (3300 MAH, Spare) for the 6x00 $95.88
70E-EHB-1 Honeywell Dolphin 70E-EHB-1 Ethernet HB US Kit (for the Dolphin 70e Black) $259.23
70E-EXTBATTDOOR2 Honeywell Dolphin 70E-EXTBATTDOOR2 Extended Battery (Only for IP67 Rated Devices) for the Dolphin 70e Black $11.86
41206347-01E Honeywell 41206347-01E Power Cord (US) for the Dolphin Series Quad Charger $14.11
BAT-EXTENDED-01 Honeywell Dolphin BAT-EXTENDED-01 Extended Battery Pack (Lithium-Ion, 3.7V, 3340 mAh) for the Dolphin 70e Black $82.38
200000596 Honeywell Battery (7.4V) for the Dolphin 7850 $84.51
6000-HOLSTER Honeywell Carrying Holster (with Integrated Belt Clip and Battery Pouch) for the Dolphin 6000 $33.37
6500-USB Honeywell I/O Sync Cable (USB) for the 6500 $49.73

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