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CAS Scales Corporation A10012 Cable, Optical Interface Cable Between X320 Indicator and PC

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7880-PD0-4128 CAS 7880-PD0-4128 Cable, 9P, RS232 Cable for IBM Compatible Systems $19.49
1144-00035 CAS 1144-00035 Cable, Serial Cable Modification $25.10
C400 CAS C400 Cable, Serial Cable and Configuration $67.85
DXL-SS15 CAS DXL-SS15 Accessory, Stainless Steel Load Cell Upgrade $199.48
JL12 CAS JL12 RS-232C 25 to 9 Pin Cable $19.49
A10012 CAS A10012 Cable, Optical Interface Cable Between X320 Indicator and PC $54.28
SP-C400 CAS SP-C400 Cable, RS232 Cable Option for X320, FACTORY INSTALLED $67.85
CI-200A CAS CI-200A CI-200A Indicator With LED Display, AC/Rechargeable Battery $186.76
WS13 CAS Corporation, SW-RS RS232 Cable CAS Scale Cable WS13 $18.48
1704-LP0-0000 CAS 1704-LP0-0000 Accessory, Display Bracket for LP-1000 $21.83
7880-LP0-4100 CAS 7880-LP0-4100 Serial Cable, 25 Pin, for LP-100 $19.49
7506-PW1-0041 CAS 7506-PW1-0041 AC Adapter $15.32
1006-A00-0443 CAS 1006-A00-0443 Label Blend Pin for CAS LP 1000N Scale $3.59
LST-8010-CASE CAS LST-8010-CASE Label, UPC Label for LP-1000, 700 Labels/Roll, 12 Rolls per Case, Priced per Carton $53.82
LST-8020 CAS LST-8020 Label, 58x60MM,UPS/Ingredients, 500 Label/Roll, 12 Rolls per Case Sold per Roll $4.49
BL13 CAS BL13 Display Bracket Cover $7.66
SW-1-5 CAS SW-1-5 SW 5 LBA $186.69
7880-PD0-4134 CAS 7880-PD0-4134 CAS, Cable - Connects to Sharp Register $19.15
SW-1-20 CAS SW-1-20 SW 20 LBA $186.69
PDR2 CAS PDR2 Accessory, PD II Optional Remote Display $95.74
SW-1-50 CAS SW-1-50 SW 50 LBA $169.87
CAS-X320 CAS CAS-X320 Scale, Indicator for Enduro HC CheckWeigher, 18 by 18 Platform $542.25
90000-A00-0062 CAS 90000-A00-0062 User Manual for LP1000 Scale $22.98
LP1000NPL1D CAS LP1000NPL1D Main Board for CAS LP1000N Scale $459.54
2100-LP0-1000 CAS 2100-LP0-1000 LP1000 Numeric Keypad $35.74
CAL CAS CAL Accessory, Assembly of CheckWeigher $44.68
BW-60RB CAS BW-60RB Scale, 150 X 0.05 LBS $471.03
2253-S00-0000 CAS 2253-S00-0000 Accessory, Keyboard Wet Cover for S-2000 Scale $10.58
2253-LP0-0000 CAS 2253-LP0-0000 Accessory, Keyboard Wet Cover for LP1000 Scale $10.21
ACL1 CAS ACL1 Print Head for CL5000 Scale $223.39
2604-A00-0040 CAS 2604-A00-0040 Spare Part, Silicon Washer for CAS LP1000N Scale $1.54
LP-1000S-W-PACKAGE CAS LP-1000S-W-PACKAGE Software for the LP-1000 Label Printing Scale $61.82
ECL1 CAS ECL1 Label Cartridge $91.71
EX200SC CAS EX200SC Accessory, Column for Indicator $210.34
C10062 CAS Scales C10062 RS232 Wire to USB Converter Cable $82.97
YS21 CAS Scales YS21 A/C Adapter 12V/1.25A (S2JR) for CAS S2000JR, EB, PB and ED Scales $22.98
ZS23 CAS Scales ZS23 Power Transformer $30.64
ZS24 CAS Scales ZS24 A/C Adapter for CAS DLP/DEP Printer $31.91
XS21 CAS Scales XS21 A/C Cord $16.28
WL21 CAS WL21 Serial Cable for CL5000R $32.57

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