PrehKeyTec POS Keyboards PrehKeyTec 13018-514-0000

    PrehKeyTec POS Keyboards PrehKeyTec 13018-514-0000

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    PrehKeyTec Keyboard 13018-514-0000 130185140000

    PrehKeyTec Keyboard 13018-514-0000   130185140000

    PrehKeyTec Keycap Set (White Function Key Set with Black Symbols)

    PrehKeyTec Keycaps are available in 1x1 2x1 3x1 and 2x2 sizes which can be used anywhere in any orientation on a row and column layout. Relegendable versions feature clear covers that protect the paper legend from dirt and moisture. Solid top versions come in a rainbow of colors many of which are suitable for laser etching of alphanumeric characters and most graphics of your own design. Pre-legended alphanumeric sets and PC command keys are also available. Multi size keys feature a patented self-leveling design that assures a smooth even feel no matter where you push on the surface of the key.

    When ordering this item, use this part number: 13018-514-0000


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