Unitech Tablet and Mobile Computer Parts and Accessories

Unitech Mobile Computer Parts and Accessories

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1400-202501G Unitech 1400-202501G Battery Pack (for the PT630D Portable Terminal) $18.63
1400-203047G Unitech 1400-203047G Battery (3.7V, 2200 MAH Lithium Ion, Rechargeable) for the HT 660 and PA 600 $44.71
5500-900005G Unitech 5500-900005G Gun Grip (Optional Access) for the PA690 and PA692 $74.51
1010-601744G Unitech 1010-601744G MR650 POE Module to be installed by Unitech $55.89
1400-900001G Unitech 1400-900001G Rechargeable Battery (for the HT680, HT682, PA690, PA692) $62.10
1550-900043G Unitech 1550-900043G COMM/Charge Cable (62 Inches, Type A, Straight, Black) for the PA690/692 $31.05
1550-602097G Unitech 1550-602097G USB Cable (80 Inch, Type A, Straight, Black) for the MS320 $12.42
382306G Unitech 382306G Stylus (for the HT680/682, PA690/692, PA968) $4.35
5500-602015G Unitech 5500-602015G Gun Pistol Grip Handle (Optional, 2 Screws) for the HT660 $43.47
1010-900008G Unitech 1010-900008G Power Adapter (for the MS250, MS320, MS840 Corded, MS840 Bluetooth Cradle) $15.53
1550-602094G Unitech 1550-602094G Keyboard Wedge Cable (80 Inch, PS/2 Straight, Black) for the MS320 $9.94
381527G Unitech 381527G Replacement Handstrap (for the PA960) $8.84
5100-603493G Unitech 5100-603493G Battery Charger (4-Slot, Power Adapter) for the HT680, HT682, PA690, PA692 $139.71
1010-601550G Unitech 1010-601550G Power Supply (100-240V, 12V/2A, Needs Serial Cable to Charge - 1550-900008G) for the PA968 $21.74
1010-601551G Unitech 1010-601551G Power Cord (72 Inches, Straight, Black) for the MT650, PA968, TB100, HT680, HT682 $3.73
1010-602141G Unitech 1010-602141G PSU 230VAC (9VDC/2A), EU plug $18.63
1010-900014G Unitech 1010-900014G Power Adapter for HT682/PA520/PA692/MS840/842 $12.42
1010-900021G Unitech 1010-900021G Power Adapter (for the MS920/PA700) $22.36
1400-900008G Unitech 1400-900008G Battery (2500MAH) $49.68
1400-900010G Unitech 1400-900010G Rechargeable Battery (for the HT680 and HT682 Gun Grip) $43.47
1400-900012G Unitech 1400-900012G Battery (2200 MAH) for the PA500 PDA $44.71
1400-900023G Unitech 1400-900023G Rechargeable Battery (for the PA700) $47.52
1550-203154G Unitech 1550-203154G Accessory USB Cable (12 Inch, Type A Straight, Black) for the MT380 $3.11
1550-203155G Unitech 1550-203155G Cable (RS232 Cable, Active Sync Output Cable from Board to 9-Pin Din F) for the MT380 $8.07
1550-600626G Unitech 1550-600626G Cradle Cable (150cm Long, USB) for the PA960, PA962 and PA963 $21.11
1550-602577G Unitech 1550-602577G Cradle Cable (59 Inches, USB, Type A to B, Straight, Black) for the PA600, PA690/692 $4.35
1550-602714G Unitech 1550-602714G USB Charging and Communication Cable (Includes Power Jack - Needs Power Supply for Charging) for the PA968 $55.89
1550-602990G Unitech 1550-602990G Cable (6 Inches, USB Host Cable, Type A Straight, Black) for the PA500, PA600, PA690/692 $37.26
1550-602991G-5 Unitech 1550-602991G-5 USB Host Cable (5 Feet, with TYPEB Interface) for the PA600 $42.23
1550-900006G Unitech 1550-900006G Communication/Charging Cable (Power - Requires 1010-601959G Power Supply) for the PA500/600 $22.36
1550-900009GA Unitech 1550-900009GA Plastic Boot (USB Type A, Host to Device Cable) for the PA600 $49.68
1550-900051G Unitech 1550-900051G USB Cable (39 Inch, COMM and Charging, Type A, Black - Requires Power Adapter) for the HT680, HT682 $55.89
1550-900032G Unitech 1550-900032G Earphone Set (for the PA550) $9.32
1550-900033G Unitech 1550-900033G Car Charger (for the PA550) $24.84
1550-900055G Unitech 1550-900055G Cigarette Car Charger (12V/1.8A) for the TB100 $62.10
1550-201371G Unitech 1550-201371G RS232 Cable (6 Feet, Replacement, STD Equipment) for the MR650 $9.94
1550-602096G Unitech 1550-602096G RS232 Cable (80 Inch, RJ45 to DB9F Straight, Black) for the MS20 $12.42
1550-602096G-ATEK Unitech 1550-602096G-ATEK MS320 RS232 Cable DB9F+5V black-ATEK only $12.42
1550-900008G Unitech 1550-900008G RS232 Charging/COMM Cable (Straight, Black) for the PA968 $61.48
1550-900047G Unitech 1550-900047G In-Ear Headphones (with MIC, Black) for the PA600 and PA692 $18.63

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