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Touch Dynamic Touch Screen Computer Parts and Accessories

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BR-RJ45-TO-DB9 Touch Dynamic BR-RJ45-TO-DB9 , Serial Adapter Cable, RJ45 to DB9 $10.00
BR-RJ45-TO-DB25 Touch Dynamic BR-RJ45-TO-DB25, Cable, RJ45 to DB45, 6' $15.00
BR-WALLMOUNT-2 Touch Dynamic, VESA Wall Mount Bracket with Power Supply Holder $85.00
BR-WALLMOUNT Touch Dynamic, VESA Wall Mount Bracket $63.33
PR-PAR-CABLE Touch Dynamic PR-PAR-CABLE Cable, Black Parallel Cable, Centronics to 25 Pin for Printer $10.00
PR-SER-CABLE Touch Dynamic PR-SER-CABLE Serial Cable, Black, DB25 to DB9 for Printer $7.00
TK-3YR-BREEZE-OS Touch Dynamic, Breeze, Service, 3-Year Upgrade Service Agreement, Breeze Models $667.50
TK-3YR-MSR-OD Touch Dynamic, Service, 3-Year Upgrade Service Agreement, MSR $62.70
CD-TILL-2000 Touch Dynamic CD-TILL-2000 Cash Drawer Till for Cash Drawer $30.00
CD-TD-CABLE Touch Dynamic CD-TD-CABLE, Cable, Printer To Cash Drawer Cable $16.00
C-250GIG-SATA Touch Dynamic, Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 SATA 3GB/S 250GB Hard Drive $98.00
BR-WIRELESS Touch Dynamic BR-WIRELESS Saturn PC and PC Plus 802.11 B/G/N Wireless $125.00
KB-B-U Touch Dynamic, Keyboard, Black, USB Interface $16.67
MS-B-OPTICAL-U Touch Dynamic, Optical Mouse, Black, USB Interface $16.67
BR-12-REAR-LCD Touch Dynamic, Peripheral Read 12IN LCD Display For Breeze $665.00
BR-CUST-DISPLAY Touch Dynamic, Integrated Rear Display, 2X20 VFD Top Mounting $175.00
SERVER-FDTN Touch Dynamic, Windows Server Foundation 2008 $441.67
WIN-RDS-CAL-KIT Touch Dynamic, Remote Desktop Services, CAL 2008, 1 Client Device $141.67
WIN-7-PRO-OEM-32-BIT Touch Dynamic, Windows 7 PRO, 32 BIT $258.33
BR-PWR-CORD-MM Touch Dynamic, Breeze Power Cord $13.33
WIN-7-PRO-OEM-64-BIT Touch Dynamic, Windows 7 PRO, 64 BIT $258.33
BP-CUST-DISPLAY Touch Dynamic BP-CUST-DISPLAY, Breeze Performance, Integrated Rear Display 2X20 VFD Top Mounting $175.00
BP-USB-HUB Touch Dynamic, 4 Port Industrial Powered USB, Mounted in Base $166.67
CD-CABLE-2000 Touch Dynamic CD-CABLE-2000 CD-BL-2000 Cash Drawer Cable $20.00
2008-STD-CALS Touch Dynamic, Orion Server Options WIN2008 Standard CALS QTY: 5 (CALS Only) $288.33
PR-E-IOBOARD3 Touch Dynamic PR-E-IOBOARD3 Ethernet IO Board for T25 Printer $165.00
CE-6-CORE-PLUS-SKU Touch Dynamic, Windows CE Cores Plus 6.0 EMB ESD OEI Core Plus Runtime $19.15
CE-6-CORE-SKU Touch Dynamic, Windows CE Core 6.0 EMB ESD OEI Core Runtime $10.58
CE-6-PROFESSIONAL-SKU Touch Dynamic, Software Windows CE 6.0 EMB ESD OEI PRO Runtime $25.31
CBL-24V Touch Dynamic, Breeze 24V Printer Power Cable $11.64
CBL-RJ45-DB25 Touch Dynamic, Cables, RJ45 to DB25 Cable $15.00
CELLULAR-SIMM Touch Dynamic SIMM Card Slot $75.00
2D-SCANNER Touch Dynamic Integrated 2D Scanner/MSR Combo Unit $493.33
EC150-TMBPPB-S Touch Dynamic EC150-TMBPPB-S Breeze, Integrated Rear 15" LCD EC150 Touch Monitor (for Universal Printer Base Installations) Includes Serial Cable $498.33
BR-8REARLCD Touch Dynamic, Accessories, Integrated Rear 8" LCD Standard Base $331.67
BR-8REARLPLPB Touch Dynamic, Accessories, Integrated Rear 8" LCD (For Universal Printer Base Installations) $331.67
Q-EMV Touch Dynamic, EMV Smart Card Reader Compatible for Quest 7 and Quest 10 $108.33
BRACKET-BR-CD15-BSCANKIT Touch Dynamic, Printer Base Bracket Customer Display KIT, 75MM, 100MM Adapter $46.66
BR-RJ45TODB25 Touch Dynamic, Cable, RJ45 to DB45, 6' $15.00
EC150-MSR Touch Dynamic EC150-MSR EC150 Integrated USB MSR $108.00

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