Datalogic Handheld Mobile Computer Accessories

Datalogic Falcon, Kyman, Skorpio, Elf Mobile Computer Parts

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94A051968 Datalogic Cable (from Elf to USB Device, Elf Works as Client, Ships with Elf) $13.00
94A050031 Datalogic Auto Power Adapter (12V, Power Micro USB) for the Elf $38.34
94A151132 Datalogic Dock (4-Slot, Ethernet, Includes 4 Extra Battery Slots) for the Elf PDA $479.92
94ACC1379 Datalogic Holster (Includes Belt Clip) for the Elf PDA $17.55
95ACC1302 Datalogic Battery (Lithium Ion, 2.4mH) for the F44XX $49.39
94ACC0104 Datalogic Rubber Boot (for the Falcon X3+) $32.49
94ACC1387 Datalogic Holster (for the Falcon 44xx and Falcon X3) $40.29
95ACC1027 Datalogic Coverplate Kit (for the F44xx) $37.69
95ACC1038 Datalogic Stylus (Tether, ROHS) for the F44xx $11.69
95ACC1321 Datalogic Dock (1-Slot, Ethernet, USB, RS232 - Requires Power Supply and Power Cord) for the F44xx $99.33
95ACC1139 Datalogic Power Supply (110V) for the Falcon 3XX Single Slot Dock $14.30
95A151048 Datalogic Dock (4-Slot/1-Communication - Requires Power Supply and Power Cord) $279.46
95A051030 Datalogic Cable (USB) for the Falcon to PC $20.81
890500155 Datalogic Battery Cover (for the F4420) $27.29
95ACC1161 Datalogic Belt (for Falcon Holster/Soft Case) $21.74
95A201004 Datalogic Battery Pack (Lithium Ion) for the PT40 $53.28
94A151131 Datalogic Vehicle Dock (RS232/USB I/O Included Power Cable/Fuse) for the Falcon X3 $269.28
94ACC0047 Datalogic 94ACC0047 Standard Softcase with Quick Release Belt Clip for Falcon X3 (Belt Sold Separately) $50.28
94ACC0073 Datalogic LPS Protection Mobile Dock (for the Falcon X3) $61.73
94ACC0076 Datalogic Belt (for the Falcon X3 Holster) $12.88
94ACC0120 Datalogic Handstrap (for the Falcon X3+) $27.92
94ACC0121 Datalogic Coverplate (for the Falcon X3/Falcon X3+) $13.30
95ACC0003 Datalogic Micro USB Cable Clip Kit (5-Pack) for the Falcon X3 Single Slot Dock $9.75
95ACC3420 Datalogic Mount 1.5 Arm with 2.75 Base Falcon X3 Powered Mobile Dock $113.72
94ACC1380 Datalogic Power Supply (Microbaterial, USB) $23.78
94ACC1386 Datalogic Battery (High Capacity, 5000 mAh) for the Falcon X3 $91.71
94ACC1390 Datalogic Handle (with Screws, Field Mountable) for the Falcon X3 $64.34
94ACC1391 Datalogic Coverplate (with Mounting Screws, Wrist Strap) for the Falcon X3 $40.29
94ACC1392 Datalogic Stylus (5-Pack, Pen with Tether) for the Falcon X3 $48.74
94ACC4050 Datalogic Power Supply (110/USA, FPS21-FPS22) $17.28
94A151101 Datalogic Dock (Single Slot, RS232/USB, + Spare Battery - Requires Power Supply 94ACC4595, US Line Cord 95ACC1113 and Communications Cable) for the Kyman $157.38
94A150058 Datalogic Dock (1-Slot) for the Memor X3 $96.94
94A150059 Datalogic Dock (1-Slot, Ethernet) for the Memor X3 $129.25
94ACC0083 Datalogic Standard Battery (for the Memor X3) $35.09
94ACC0084 Datalogic Battery (Large Capacity) for the Memor X3 $70.18
94ACC1324 Datalogic 94ACC1324 Power Supply Connection to the Memor directly or through the cradle $27.85
890001649 Datalogic DL-Memor Hand Strap (10-Pack) $191.05
94A151123 Datalogic Battery Charger (4-Slot) for the Memor $128.87
94ACC0106 Datalogic Rubber Boot (Can be Used Alone or with Handstrap 94ACC0123) for the Memor X3 $16.10
94ACC0110 Datalogic Lanyard (10-Pack, with Stylus Holder) for the Memor X3 $32.49

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