MagTek Check Reader and MagTek MICR Accessories

MagTek Check Reader and MagTek MICR Accessories

MagTek Check Reader and Small Document Scanner

Financial institutions and retailers rely on MagTek check readers. Millions of check transactions every day are processed with MagTek Check Reader and Small Document Scanners. For financial institutions and retailers of all sizes, MagTek check readers and scanners deliver flexibility, accuracy and value. With solutions for both auto and single-feed operation, and advanced features including integrated secure card reader authenticators and color scanning, MagTek’s Small Document Scanners fit the needs of a wide range of electronic check applications. For check processing that’s easy and secure, put your trust in MagTek Check Readers and MagTek Scanners.

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22517583 MagTek Cable (6 Foot, Cable Only, USB, Gray, PC) for the MiniMICR $21.76
64300090 MagTek Power Adapter (for the MICRImage Check Reader) $12.64
22410302 MagTek Cable (25-Pin to 9-Pin Serial) for the MICRImage $15.17
64300080 MagTek Power Adapter (240V) for the MICRImage $15.17
71100001 MagTek Power Cord (Sold Only with 64300098) for the STX $6.04
22310301 MagTek USB Interface Cable (8 Feet, Gray) for the Excella $18.13
64300098 MagTek Power Supply (for the STX) $54.40
22410310 MagTek Cable (Modem RJ11, DB25M to DB9F RJ11 Jack) for the MICRImage $24.01
22410311 MagTek Cable (8 Feet, RJ6F to 9-Pin, Mini Din - Hypercom) for the MICRImage $23.75
22410315 MagTek Cable (MICRImage-Ethernet/RS232) for the VeriFone Omni 3200, 33XX and 37XX $22.50
22517552 MagTek Cable (MiniMICR-VeriFone, MiniMICR Cable) $31.25
22517582 MagTek PC Cable (6 Feet, USB, White) for the MiniMICR $11.37
MAG-12VOLT MagTek Power Adapter (12 Volt) for the MiniMICR Check Reader $6.31
22350300 MagTek USB Cable (6 Feet) for the Excella STX $18.65
64300050 MagTek Power Adapter (12 Volt) for the MiniMICR Check Reader $6.04
22517563 MagTek Cable Mini MICR RS232 DB9 Gray 8' Gray $10.88
64300107 MagTek Power Supply (for the Excella STX) $54.40
93600132 MagTek Inkjet Cartridge (Must Order a Minimum of 3) for the Excella STX $18.13
96500055 MagTek Blank MAGStripe Cards Quantity 50 $0.90
97200033 MagTek Cleaning Swabs (1/pack) $0.97
96700006 MagTek Cleaning Card for MICR, Minimum Order 10 Units $3.03
22517501 MagTek PS/2 Wedge Cable (for the MiniMICR) $21.76
89200012 MagTek Velcro Piece for Counter (must order Velcro1) $0.36
22350302 MagTek Ethernet Cable (10 Feet) for the Excella STX Check Reader $21.76
22359101 MagTek Tray (for STX) $3.03
64300118 MagTek Power Adapter (12v 1.0a R/A, 3.0mm flg, 100-240v) for the MICRSafe $12.09


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