SpacePole SafeGuard

SpacePole SafeGuard Screen Safeguarding Social Distancing SpacePole Hand Sanitizer Holder

SafeGuard Screen

  • Curved Acrylic Screen
  • Height Adjustable Screen
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water

Hand Sanitizer Holder

  • Hygienic POS and Point of Payment
  • Attaches to existing SpacePole Installations
  • Simple and professional installation
SpacePole DTS001 Paddle Payment SpacePole SwingArm

Payment Paddle

  • 300mm & 600mm - 12" & 24"
  • "At-a-distance" transactions
  • Secure PIN entry for customer

SpacePole Swing Arms

  • Moves the Payment Device
  • Extended swing arm (up to 23.6")
  • Relocate the payment device