Datamax O'Neil PrintPAD Series Printers

Datamax O'Neil PrintPAD Series Printers
  • Beverage and food sales
  • Generate 748, 6-in. (150-mm) receipts with graphics and logos
  • Field Service - Print summary reports at the point-of-service
  • Law enforcement - Generate citations or tickets at the roadside
  • Proof of delivery - Print high-resolution signatures
  • Route accounting and direct store delivery (DSD)
  • Rugged mobile point of sale (POS)
  • Scan items, take credit card payment and issue a receipt

Datamax O'Neil PrintPAD Series Printers

Datamax O'Neil PrintPAD Series Printers

The Datamax O'Neil PrintPAD integrated printing systems offer mobile workers the convenience of a portable thermal printer and mobile computer united in a compact and ergonomic, rugged and reliable unit.  It's designed for use with a variety of Motorola®, Intermec, and Honeywell mobile computers.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
200447-100 Datamax PrintPAD Thermal Receipt Printer (CN3 Datamax PrintPAD DEX) $907.58
200465-100 Datamax PrintPAD Thermal Receipt Printer (CN3E Bluetooth, Card Reader) $1,114.74
200475-100 Datamax PrintPAD Thermal Receipt Printer (CN3E/4E, Bluetooth, ECharge Card Reader Option) $1,124.61
210267-100 Datamax O'Neil 210267-100 Data Cable, 3 Feet, Right Angle, USB 210267-100 $31.86
200522-101 Datamax O'Neil CN70 200522-101 CN70/e PrintPAD, RS-232, Bluetooth ECharge, Mag Reader $1,226.08
200540-100 Datamax O'Neil 200540-100 CN51 PrintPAD Thermal Receipt Printer, RS232, Bluetooth, ECharge $1,005.92
200541-100 Datamax O'Neil 200541-100 CN51 PrintPAD Thermal Receipt Printer, RS232, DEX, Bluetooth, Card Reader, ECharge $1,226.08
200413-100 Datamax 200413-100 PrintPAD Thermal Receipt Printer (MC7004 7090 7094 7095 Bluetooth) $966.76


The sleek design of the Datamax O'Neil PrintPAD allows users to carry, charge and communicate in a single integrated package, and is the ideal solution for route accounting, direct store delivery, law enforcement and other field mobile applications.

The PrintPAD offers the mobile workforce a single unit in which to carry their handheld and their Datamax-O’Neil 4” printer. The PrintPAD also charges both the printer and the handheld, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain multiple A.C. adaptors and chargers. Finally, the PrintPAD provides effortless and reliable communication between the handheld and the printer. An integral Bluetooth option gives mobile workers the ability to communicate with the printer wirelessly when the handheld device is not residing in the PrintPAD.

Mobile Computer Compatibility

The PrintPAD supports the following mobile computer models:

  • Motorola - MC65, MC67, MC70 and MC75
  • Honeywell - Dolphin 99EX
  • Intermec - CN3, CN3e, CN4, CN4e and CN70

 Specifications at-a-glance:

  • 4" direct thermal printer
  • 4.10" [104 mm] print width
  • 4.41" [112 mm] media width
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity


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