ID Tech Credit Card Magnetic Stripe Readers

ID TECH MiniMag Magnetic Stripe Readers ID TECH Augusta PCI-PTS MagStripe and Smart Card Reader ID TECH Omni Heavy Duty Magnetic Stripe Reader ID TECH SecureMag Magnetic Stripe Reader
MiniMag Card Reader Augusta Secure EMV/MSR SecureMag Reader
ID TECH OmniFare Contactless MagStripe Reader ID TECH SecuRED, PCI SRED MagStripe Swipe Reader ID Tech SecureMOIR Secure MagStripe Only Insert Reader ID TECH Spectrum AIr Magnetic Stripe Reader
OmniFare Reader SecuRED Reader SecureMOIR Reader Spectrum Air
ID Technologies BTMAG Bluetooth Mobile MagStripe Reader UniPay Mobile Audio Jack MagStripe and Smart Card ReaderID Tech SecureMOIR Secure MagStripe Only Insert Reader ID TECH UniMag Mobile Magnetic Stripe Reader ID Technologies Shuttle Mobile Computer Magnetic Stripe Reader
EMV Mobile Reader
UniMag Reader Shuttle Mobile Card Reader
ID TECH UniPay III Contactless Reader ID TECH iMag Pro Mobile Magnetic Stripe Reader ID TECH BTPay 200 Bluetooth Payment Terminal  ID TECH iSmart, Mobile Smart Card Reader
MSR, EMV, Contactless
iMag Pro MagStripe Reader
EMV Mobile Reader
iSmart Mobile Reader
EMV Mobile Reader
ID TECH ViVOpay Kiosk III, Contactless NFC and EMV Reader ID TECH SecurePIN 100 Handheld PIN Entry Device ID TECH SREDKey Encrypted PCI Keypad ID TECH SecureKey M100 M130 Encrypted Keypad
ViVOpay Kiosk III ID Tech SREDKey ID TECH SecureKey Keypad
ID TECH ViVOpay Kiosk IV Contactless Reader ID TECH ViVOpay Vend III NFC EMV Contactless Reader Module ID TECH ViVOpay Vendi, Contactless NFC Payment Device with MagStripe Reader ID TECH Signature Capture and Contactless Readers
 ID TECH Kiosk IV ID TECH ViVOpay Vend III Contactless Reader Module ID TECH Signature Capture
ID TECH VP8800 PCI 5.x Countertop Payment Terminal ID TECH VIVOpay VP3600 3-in-1 Mobile POS PIN PAD ID TECH VIVOpay VP5300 PCI 5.x Certified EMV Insert Reader ID TECH VP6300 PCI 5.x Certified Outdoor Payment Peripheral
ID TECH Xpress CM100 Contactless Reader ID TECH SecureHead Encrypted MagStripe Read Head ID Technologies SmartPIN K100 Pin Pad ID TECH SmartPIN L100 PIN Pad
Contactless Readers

SmartPIN K100 Pin Pad

SmartPIN L100 PIN Pad
ID TECH EasyMag Magnetic Swipe Reader Magnetic Stripe Reader ID TECH VP8300 ViVOpay Payment Solution ID TECH BTScan Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner  
EasyMag Swipe Reader ID TECH VP8300 ID TECH BTScan Bluetooth   
ID TECH Credit Card Reader Accessories ID TECH Credit Card Key Injection Services    
ID TECH Accessories ID TECH Key Injection    


ID TECH Magnetic Stripe Readers and EMV Devices, Writers

ID TECH magnetic swipe and magnetic stripe card readers have exceptional value, functionality, and programmability. ID TECH provides a complete line of intelligent and ready-to-use peripheral readers and OEM swipe reader products.


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