ID TECH Augusta PCI-PTS MagStripe Smart Card Reader

ID TECH Augusta PCI-PTS MagStripe and Smart Card Reader

  • Available in USB-HID & USB-KB
  • EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certified
  • EMV Level 2 kernel resides in the hardware
  • Bidirectional MagStripe reading
  • Provides encrypted MSR or EMV data
  • USB Powered
  • Reads encoded data that meets ANSI, ISO, and AAMVA standards
  • Reads up to three tracks of information
  • Support TDES and AES encryption
  • DUKPT key management
  • Mounting compatibility with MiniMag II and SecuRED
  • PCI 4.1 SRED (Augusta S)
  • Remote key injection supported

ID TECH Augusta PCI-PTS MagStripe and Smart Card Reader

ID TECH Augusta PCI-PTS MagStripe and Smart Card Reader

The ID TECH Augusta is a secure EMV chip and magnetic stripe reader that is specifically designed to offer retailers a simple upgrade path to EMV from traditional desktop magnetic stripe readers. This reader is able to provide superior reading performance while also encrypting sensitive magnetic stripe and EMV data. With all data encrypted, the Augusta can participate in end-to-end solutions reducing the risk of data compromises.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
IDEM-251 ID TECH Augusta IDEM-251 USB HID (Security Level 1), Default MSR Encryption On, EMV Off $120.86
IDEM-241 ID TECH Augusta IDEM-241 USB MSR Keyboard Emulation (Security Level 1) $120.86
IDEM-251PR ID TECH IDEM-251PR Augusta With TransAmor, Both MSR and EMV $157.52
IDEM-851AP ID TECH Augusta IDEM-851AP S USB HID, AES Encrypted, Both MSR and EMV Data Encrypted $163.03
IDEM-251AP ID TECH Augusta IDEM-251AP USB HID, AES Encrypted, Both MSR and EMV Data Encrypted $125.08
IDEM-251A ID TECH Augusta IDEM-251A USB HID, AES Encrypted MSR Data Encrypted, EMV Data Unencrypted $125.08
IDEM-851P ID TECH Augusta IDEM-851P S USB HID-SRED, Both MSR and EMV Encrypted $127.63
IDEM-251P ID Tech IDEM-251P Augusta USB HID, Both MSR and EMV Encrypted, Security Level 2 $120.86
IDEM-241A ID TECH Augusta IDEM-241A USB KB, AES Encrypted MSR Data Encrypted $120.86
IDEM-241N ID TECH Augusta IDEM-241N USB MSR Keyboard Emulation (Encryption Not Defined) $125.08
IDEM-251N ID TECH Augusta IDEM-251N USB HID, (Encryption Not Defined) $120.86
IDEM-841 ID TECH Augusta IDEM-841 S USB Keyboard - SRED $163.03
IDEM-841A ID TECH Augusta IDEM-841A S USB Keyboard - SRED, AES Encryption $163.03
IDEM-251P-M1 ID Tech IDEM-251P-M1 Augusta USB HID Both MSR and EMV DataCap $120.86
IDEM-251-H ID Tech IDEM-251-H Augusta; USB-HID; TDES; MSR Encryption On $120.86
IDEM-251P-M1-C ID Tech IDEM-251P-M1-C Augusta; USB-HID; TDES; MSR/EMV Encryption $120.86
IDEM-841AP ID Tech IDEM-841AP Augusta S Quick Chip - KB - SRED, AES Encryption $157.52


ID TECH Augusta - L3 EMV Certifications
Network Processor / Platform Targeted Completion
WorldNet First Data Certified
BridgePay First Data May 2017
CreditCall First Data May 2017
NMI First Data May 2017
DataCap Vantiv May 2017
Element Vantiv/TriPOS May 2017
TSYS TSYS/Transit May 2017
WorldNet TSYS June 2017
Tenerum Chase Paymentech July 2017
With more coming...


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