VeriFone Parts and Accessories

VeriFone Parts and Accessories

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PPL132-015-01-A VeriFone PPL132-015-01-A MSAM Cover, MX9XX $0.75
PWR268-011-01-A VeriFone PWR268-011-01-A Power supply, 100-240VAC ,12VDC/2A/24W, -C+, 9.5/5.5/2.1, Desktop, COC Tier 2, with Argentina Importer Label $10.01
PPL132-003-01-A VeriFone PPL132-003-01-A SAM Door, Trident MX9XX $0.49
SUB177-015-01-A VeriFone SUB177-015-01-A Assembly, MX915 Stylus Holster $3.13
CBL282-060-01-A VeriFone CBL282-060-01-A Cable, VX820 Ethernet Latch Lock 6P DIN F 2.0M $14.38
CBL282-059-01-B VeriFone CBL282-059-01-B Cable, VX820 Ethernet Latch Lock 6P DIN M Ethernet HUB Dongle 3.0M $50.00
PPL280-032-01-A VeriFone PPL280-032-01-A Privacy Shield, VX805 Contactless $3.75
PPL280-007-01-A VeriFone PPL280-007-01-A Privacy Shield for VX805 $6.00
CBL282-006-04-B VeriFone CBL282-006-04-B Cable, VX820 RS232/Ethernet, Dongle 2.0 meter $58.75
CBL282-006-03-B VeriFone CBL282-006-03-B Cable, VX820 RS232/Ethernet, Dongle 5.0m (16.40 feet) $75.00
CBL000-016-01-A VeriFone CBL000-016-01-A Cable, 1 meter, 3.28 feet MOD10 to DSUB $9.37
PWR191-011-01-A VeriFone PWR191-011-01-A Power Supply, 100-240VAC, 5V/1A, USB Receptacle OU $10.01
PWR087-311-01-B VeriFone PWR087-311-01-B e355 Wall Mounted Power Adapter $17.50
CBL000-016-05-A VeriFone CBL000-016-05-A Cable, 5 meter (16.04 feet) MOD10 to DSUB $11.25
STA252-001-01-A VeriFone STA252-001-01-A VX520 Wall Mount Stand, Accessory $10.01
CBL087-500-01-A VeriFone CBL087-500-01-A Cable, USB TYPE-C to TYPE-A $7.50
MSC445-014-00-A VeriFone MSC445-014-00-A Cable Assembly, Ethernet Switch, ICE Cube $62.50
MSC445-010-00-A VeriFone MSC445-010-00-A Cable Assembly, Ethernet, ICE Cube $50.00
MSC445-011-00-A VeriFone MSC445-011-00-A Cable Assembly, USB and Ethernet, ICE Cube $62.50
CBL445-010-01-A VeriFone CBL445-010-01-A Cable Assembly, USB Type A with Power Jack $50.00
MSC445-006-00-A VeriFone MSC445-006-00-A Cable Assembly, USB, ICE Cube $50.00
CBL445-003-01-A VeriFone CBL445-003-01-A Powered USB Cable (Yellow Cable) $18.75

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