Purchase Full Product License Key for EditRight Software

    Purchase Full Product License Key for EditRight Software

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    Natural Input Editing Software for Windows Tablets

    Natural Input Solutions Inc. has developed and patented the World’s most efficient multi-mode gesture-based interface called EditRight Software.

    EditRight Software allows a user to perform word processing on-the-go, anytime, anywhere on their Windows Tablet with an integrated pen.

    A Windows version of EditRight Software is available for download that lets a user quickly and accurately input, edit and correct content within Microsoft Word.

    It is the mission of Natural Input Solutions Inc. to provide the most efficient and accurate method of content creation available on the market today.

    Advantages of EditRight Software

    • Efficiently edit content with single stroke gestures.
    • Accurately insert one or more punctuation symbols.
    • Ergonomically input or replace text by way of handwriting.
    • Easily correct handwriting recognition errors.
    • Advanced learn-as-you-go interactive help utility.


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