ICW Ultra 560I Inverted LCD Track Mount Bracket

ICW Ultra 560I Inverted Track Mount Bracket
  • Monitor capacity:  28 lbs (12.7 kg)
  • Vertical adjustment range:  14.5" (36.83cm)
  • Color:  Powder coated white, black or gray
  • Horizontal adjustment range:  11" (27.94cm)
  • Mounting surface:  Wall
  • Arm swivel at mount:  180 degrees*
  • Screen swivel:  360 degrees*
  • Screen tilt:  50 degrees*
  • VESA Interface:  75mm and 100mm
  • Ships out 4 days after order placed
  • Made in the USA
  • Warranty 5 Years

*Maximum range depends on the arm position and size of monitor.

ICW Ultra 560I Inverted LCD Track Mount Bracket

The Ultra 560I LCD arm with Quicklink adjustor allows the full articulation of the LCD. This 560I folds up and extends 11" (27.94cm) from the mount to the LCD, having one articulating 11" (27.94cm) arm. The monitor can be adjusted 5" vertically.

This model is mounted to a 19" (48.26cm) wall track.

Machined out of billet aluminum, this unit is powder coated white, black or gray for a durable, lasting finish.  Hand assembly ensures that a quality product is shipped to you (4 day lead time) direct from factory.

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