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TPK M17A-1101 17 Inch Desktop Touch Screen Monitor
17" TPK M17A-1101
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TPK Touch Revolution Multi Touch Projected Capacitive Touch Screens

Projected Capacitive is a multi-touch technology.  This allows you to integrate the same intuitive, multi-touch user experience of your consumer devices into your device.

TRu PCap  technology is extremely accurate and ideal for applications where accuracy is critical.  PCap  sensors are an all-glass construction for extreme durability.  Other touch  technologies have coatings or plastics films on the touch surface that can scratch or tear. T his means that even with extremely deep scratches or digs our  touch monitors will continue to perform well.

TRu PCap touch screen monitors are calibration free.  Many other technologies have significant down time due to calibration issues. Eliminating these means more uptime on your machine.

TRu PCap touch screen monitors are bezel-free allowing you to flush mount the monitor into your enclosure. This allows industrial designers to incorporate a sleek, sophisticated look into your device design, if desired.  It also improves the cleanability of the monitor with no ledges or corners to collect dirt and dust.