LG 86TR3DJ-B 86" UHD Interactive Whiteboard

LG TR3DJ-B 86" UHD Interactive Whiteboard

  • 4K Resolution (UHD)
  • 20 Point Multi Touch
  • Minimal Air Gap
  • In-Class Quizzes & Surveys Are Easy
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Integrate Speaker and Wi-Fi Module
  • Over the Air OS Updates
  • Rolling Cart Compatible
  • Energy Efficient

LG TR3DJ-B 86" UHD Interactive Whiteboard        

86" LG 86TR3DJ-B UHD Interactive Whiteboard

The LG TR3DJ series can have up to 20 points of touch simultaneously. This function offers a lifelike board touch experience and makes collaboration easier.

With Air Class you can connect up to 30 students. It offers interactive meetings for mobile devices on the same network, providing a variety of tools such as voting, answering, and sharing project texts. Air Class is easily installed from the TR3DJ's main toolbar.