Star Micronics HSP7743 Multifunction Hybrid Printer

Star Micronics HSP7743 Mulifunction Hybrid Printer
  • Fast 250mm/sec Thermal Receipt Printing
  • Drop-In Paper Loading
  • Prints High Quality Graphics
  • Quickly Endorse and Validate Documents
  • High Accuracy, High Speed MICR Reader
  • Standard Printer Dimensions
  • Easy "Drop-In" Replacement of Competitor Hybrid Printer
  • Power Supply 30782110 Sold Separately
  • 3 Year Warranty
Star Micronics HSP7743 Mulifunction Hybrid Printer    Star Micronics Printer Warranties

Star Micronics HSP7743 Multifunction Hybrid Printer

The Star HSP7743 Multifunction Hybrid Printer is designed to assist retail, grocery and banking establishments that want to support check paying customers at the POS station, at a price comparable to a single station printer.

Star Micronics understands that 3 functions are necessary to support 95% of customers:

  • Read the check's MICR reliably
  • Endorse checks without jams
  • Print a receipt as fast as possible

Star brings all of it to you, out of the box.  Star Micronics has built its brand name on Power and Reliability.  The Star HSP7000 series is no exception. The Star HSP7000 series combines key features from Star’s celebrated range of products, including the market leading TSP700 Series, the super fast TSP100GT, as well as components from the high speed SP700 dot matrix printer. We are bringing over 30 years of Star “know-how” in POS to the HSP7000, resulting in customers getting the fastest, most reliable and most accurate product.