Bematech CR3000 Series Cash Drawers

Bematech CR3000 Series Cash Drawers  
  • Supports all major Point of Sale printers
  • Wide selection of interfaces: printer-driven, serial, USB, and OPOS
  • Drawers available with USB interface. No power adapter required
  • High security design all metal construction, no external screws
  • Three position lock for maximum cash security
  • Small form factor without sacrificing till size
  • Adjustable bill and coin compartments
  • Media slot for checks and large bills
  • User programmable cash drawer opening codes
  • Warranty:  3 years from original date of purchase

Bematech CR3000 Series Cash Drawers

Bematech R3000 Series Cash Drawers

The Bematech CR3000 series of standard duty cash drawers is compact in size, enabling retailers to utilize scarce counter or shelf space for more important functions. The units make very efficient use of internal space, with the till being almost the same size as those found in larger drawers. The Bematch CR3000 series also comes with important security features: all metal construction, no exposed screws, and three position locks.

Bematech cash drawers work will all major brands of Point of Sale printers and offers a wide selection of interfaces. The CR3000 Series interfaces include printer driven, USB, serial, and OPOS. The CR3003 USB cash drawers are port-powered, and CR3006 serial drawers come with external power adapters.

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