3M ClearTek Capacitive Touchscreen Technology

3M ClearTek Capacitive Touchscreen Technology

The Clear Difference

3M Micro Touch Systems offers a wide portfolio of touch technologies and touch
products with a commitment to ease of integration, responsiveness, reliability and simplicity of use. With its world class support and service organization, 3M provides expert technical consulting service and support wherever any of our products are designed, integrated or delivered. It is this complete solution approach that ensures remarkable compatibility and exceptional service.

Surface Capacitive Benefits

  • Excellent light transmission of 91.5% provides vibrant optical characteristics with optimal anti glare properties
  • Resilient top coat provides smooth, easy glide surface while offering durable scratch resistance
  • The accuracy, durability, and fast touch response expected from a MicroTouch "ClearTek" product.
  • Performance unaffected by everyday contaminants in environment

Surface Capacitive Applications
  • Point of Sale terminals (POS)
  • Kiosks
  • Gaming / Amusement


Surface Obstruction     Touch screens operation withstands surface contaminants such as, dirt, dust and grease.
Chemical Resistance     ClearTek'" II is highly resistant to corrosives, in accordance with ASTM-D-1308-07 (1993)
Liquid Resistance         Liquids on screen do not impede touch screen performance.
Operating Temp            -15° C to 70° C for the touch screen.
Storage Temperature   Always store the touch screen in its original shipping container between -50°C and 85°C
                                      Never store touch screens in an environment where condensation may form.
Humidity                        Up to 90% RH from 0° C to +35° C, non condensing.