22Miles TempDefend Temperature Checking Software

22Miles TempDefend Thermal Detection Technology
  • Full face, skin temperature detection for preliminary screening.
  • 4ft distance for better Protection.
  • Audio and visual instructions to follow.
  • Voice recognition command to activate more features.
  • Video call and Virtual Reception features.
  • Custom workflow and branding.
  • Facial Recognition integration with employee database and Access Control systems.
  • Sensors from FLIR and other vendors.
  • Elo Collaboration Solutions

22Miles TempDefend Thermal Detection Technology

22Miles TempDefend Thermal Detection Software

Protecting yourself, your staff, and other visitors and patrons from the spread of contagious diseases begin with identifying, quarantining, and treating infected individuals. TempDefend’s thermal sensor technology provides an accurate and affordable solution to alert individuals of heightened temperature (possible infection) status while protecting others in and around your facilities. 22MILES TempDefend can capture analytics that ensures your operational, compliance, and HR requirements (optional client consent). AI enabling of response customization, analytics, networking, and synchronizing of TempDefend anomaly alerts, as well as compliance logs for legal audit trails, are available.

TempDefend is compatible with your own sensor hardware or 22M suggested/provided sensors.

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