Xenarc 1020TSV 10.1 Inch Touch Screen LED Display w/ VGA and AV Inputs

    Xenarc 1020TSV 10.1 Inch Touch Screen LED Display w/ VGA and AV Inputs

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    10.1 Inch Touch Screen LED Display TWXN-1020TSV   TWXN1020TSV

    10.1 Inch Touch Screen LED Display w/ VGA & AV Inputs

    10.1 Inch Touch Screen LED Display TWXN-1020TSV   TWXN1020TSV

    One of the first LCD manufacturers to introduce a 10.1" LCD screen with VGA input and Touchscreen. We have further improved this popular model by incorporating the latest LED backlight technology and adding an ambient light sensor.  In addition, Solid Capacitors are used in place of Electrolytic Capacitors though out the unit to further improve the stability and durability especially in extreme temperature conditions.

    This popular product incorporates previous innovations with a 5-wire resistive Touch-Screen panel.  Use the convenient touch-screen as your input device, control your mouse cursor or the mini on screen keyboard that comes with your operating system. The touch screen utilizes the USB port as the interface. You can connect several of our touchscreen monitors to 1 computer and the touchscreens would work simultaneously through multi-monitor support.

    When ordering this item, use this part number: TWXN-1020TSV

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