50 Inch wide OPTIR Add-On Touch Screen, infrared, no backing glass PPMT-IR-050EL-NG

    50 Inch wide OPTIR Add-On Touch Screen, infrared, no backing glass PPMT-IR-050EL-NG

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    OPTIR PPMT Add-On Touch Screen PPMT-IR-050EL-NG    PPMTIR050ELNG

    50" wide OPTIR PPMT Add-On Touch Screen, framed segments, infrared, plug and play, glass not included

    OPTIR PPMT Add-On Touch Screen PPMT-IR-050EL-NG  PPMTIR050ELNG

    • 50" Size
    • LED or LCD Displays
    • Plug-and-Play Win 8, 7, XP
    • No software drivers needed
    • For ALL computer programs
    • Durable, Portable
    • Accurate
    • No training needed
    • Durable touch membrane
    • Color:  Black frame
    • Mounts in seconds
    • Easily installed and removed
    • Reduces monitor radiation
    • Best price - touch overlay

    Magic Touch Screens by Keytec
    Convert your monitor  (LED or LCD) to become a touch-interactive display

    No external power supply needed
    Power-Any country voltage 100-240

    Includes:  Manual, Velcro strips, Controller and Cables

    Dimensions 50" (16:9) Aspect
    Outside Measurements:
    1160.8 x 676.8 mm, 45.70 x 26.65 in.
    Viewable Area:
    1107.0 x 623.0 mm, 43.58 x 24.53 in.
    • Faster than a Mouse
    • Emulates mouse functions
    • Click, double-click
    • Click-and-drag
    • Right Mouse-Button Support
    • Long Life - 3 million touches
    • Wash w/ glass cleaner & cloth
    • Use both Mouse & Touch
    • Pressure-sensitive activation
    • Use finger, stylus or glove
    • Scratch Resistant surface
    • Reduces static electricity
    • USB connector
    • Clear see-thru touch screen
    • MAC, Linux Update available

    Condition: Brand new with original manufacturer warranty. Most items in stock.

    When ordering this item, use this part number: PPMT-IR-050EL-NG


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