Posiflex PG20020000 MT4008 All-in-One POS Hybrid Tablet Pistol Grip Posiflex PG20020000

    Posiflex PG20020000 MT4008 All-in-One POS Hybrid Tablet Pistol Grip Posiflex PG20020000

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    Posiflex MT4008 All-in-One POS Hybrid Tablet Pistol Grip Posiflex PG20020000   

    Posiflex MT4008 Pistol Grip with 2D Scanner, for Posiflex MT4008

    Posiflex MT4008 All-in-One POS Hybrid Tablet Posiflex PG20020000 

    The Posiflex PG-200 for MT-4008W is a truly ingenious invention. It houses a 1D or 2D barcode scanner in the pistol grip shape handle, which is ergonomically designed to take the strain out of operator’s hand and arm, and enables the user to easily carry and handle the tablet. The additional removable battery that goes into the pistol grip effectively lengthens the operation life of the tablet.

    Posiflex MT-4008 tablet sold separately.

    Removal Battery

    • 5000 mAh removal battery in addition to the built-in battery in MT-4008W prolongs the operation duration

    1D Laser Scanner Module (optional)

    • Symbologies Support: All standard 1D barcode
    • Scan Rate: SR: 114 ± 10 scans/sec, HD: 108 ± 16 scans/sec
    • Scan Angle: SR: Standard: 48° ±2°; optional 35° ±2°, HD: Standard 55° ±2°
    • Tilt, Pitch and Skew Angles: SR: ±35°, ±60°, ±65°; HD: ±35°, ±50°, ±50°
    • Maximum Resolution: SR: 0.102 mm (4 mil), HD: 2.5 mil
    • Minimum Print Contrast: SR: 20% Absolute reflectance, HD: 30%
    • Depth of Field: SR: 20 mil Code 39 43 mm - 680 mm (1.7? - 26.8?). HD: 20 mil Code 39 44mm - 315mm (1.7" - 12.4")

    2D Image Scanner Module (optional)   

    Symbologies Supported:

    • 1D: All major codes
    • 2D: PDF417, MicroPDF417, Composite, RSS, TLC-39, Datamatrix, QR code, Micro QR code, Aztec, MaxiCode
    • Postal Codes: US PostNet, US Planet, UK Postal, Australian Postal, Japan Postal Dutch Postal (KIX)
    • Sensor Resolution: 752 x 480 pixels
    • Field of View: Horizontal: 40°, Vertical: 25°, Skew Tolerance: ±60°, Pitch Tolerance: ±60°, Roll Tolerance: 360°
    • Focal Distance from Front of Engine: SR: 8 in. DL: 5.3 in. HD: 2.9 in.
    • Aiming LED (VLD): 655 ±10 nm Laser
    • Illumination Element: 625 ±5 nm LEDs (2x)
    • Min. Print Contrast: Minimum 25% absolute dark/light reflectance measured at 650 nm

    Condition: Brand new with original manufacturer warranty. Most items in stock.

    When ordering this item, use this part number: PG20020000


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