Heckler Design WindFall Kiosk Stands for iPad mini 1,2,3, Grey White H263-GW

    Heckler Design WindFall Kiosk Stands for iPad mini 1,2,3, Grey White H263-GW

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    Heckler Design WindFall Kiosk Stands for iPad mini 1,2,3, Grey White H263-GW   

    Heckler Design WindFall Kiosk Stands for iPad mini 1,2,3, Grey White H263-GW

    Heckler Design WindFall Kiosk Stands for iPad mini 1,2,3, Grey White H263-GW 

    Place information and interactivity anywhere - beautifully. Far too often tablet kiosks are obtrusive, ugly, or made with consumer-grade materials. WindFall Kiosk bucks this unfortunate trend. Fabricated completely of fully-welded heavy steel yet featuring a sleek, unobtrusive design, WindFall Kiosk complements any professional environment. But donít let its visual simplicity fool youóitís packed with smart features.

    Designed carefully to compliment its environment and to provide an unobstructed view of the objects behind, WindFall Kiosk will look good anywhere. Its tapered, reaching neck invites interaction while adding a sculptural element to the room.

    Configure your WindFall Kiosk for your tablet of choice - be it iPad, Android, or Surface. Our patented, secure tablet enclosures are tailored for each tablet - no bulky one-size-fits-all solutions. Each secure frame is designed to keep its tablet's ports, cameras, and switches remain physically accessible - enabling you to use software settings to disable specific buttons to create scenario-specific, secure kiosk modes.

    No shiny white plastic here, folks. The base is 17 pounds of half-inch-thick steel to create incredible stability. The base also features three points of floor contact ensuring stability without fiddling with levelers. Stainless steel bolts assemble the base to the neck to produce an impressively rigid, strong structure. Assembly tool included.

    Secure and hide power cords and adapters inside WindFall Kiosk's neck compartment. The neck plate is secured with the same tamper-resistant screws used in the tablet Frame.

    Sometimes you need to use your kiosks, sometimes you donít. When not in use, you can nest dozens of WindFall Kiosks together in a small space. Each nested WindFall Kiosk requires only seven additional inches of floor space.

    Don't pay extra for a carrying case. Our incredibly compact, specially designed shipping box doubles as a balanced, reusable case - complete with a handle. We've made it as painless as possible to set up at your next trade show.

    WindFall Kiosk is ready to support several upcoming accessories including a keyboard tray, headphone hook, brochure rack, signage support, and more.

    Install your enclosure in portrait or landscape orientation - whatever suits your application best. Either way, your WindFall Kiosk looks great.

    Have a more permanent installation in mind? Bolt it down without compromising esthetics by utilizing WindFall Kiosk's hidden mounting point found within the secure compartment.

    Anchor your WindFall Kiosk to a nearby object simply and quickly by using a Kensington ClickSafe Cable Lock. The lock head is concealed inside the secure neck compartment.

    Condition: Brand new with original manufacturer warranty. Most items in stock.

    When ordering this item, use this part number: H263-GW

    Heckler Design WindFall POS Mounts and Stands

    Formerly known as HDWFK1GW


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