19 Inch Elo 1928L Medical Touchscreen Monitor Elo ET1928L Elo E939583

    19 Inch Elo 1928L Medical Touchscreen Monitor Elo ET1928L Elo E939583

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    The Elo 1928L products have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    The suggested replacement is the Elo 1929LM Touch Monitor.

    Click the red 'See It' button to be taken to the Elo 1929LM category to make another selection.

    Elo 1928L Desktop Touchscreen Monitor ET1928L

    Elo E939583 1928L Medical Touchscreen Monitor

    Elo E939583 1928L ET1928L

    Elo 1928L Medical Touchscreen Monitor, Dark Gray with NO TOUCH, Antiglare Surface, Dual Serial-USB Touch Interface E939583

    The Elo 1928L carries worldwide electronic certifications, RoHS compliance and includes an innovative IPX1 enclosure design which sheds water and is safe from liquid drops and spills. As a result the Elo 1928L is an excellent fit for a wide variety of healthcare applications. The Elo medical touchmonitor is also a cost-effective solution for nurse station, computer-aided therapy, electronic medical record keeping, paperless charting, patient self check-in/registration applications, as well as non-medical applications benefiting from DVI-D input, speakers and best-in-class image performance.

    When ordering this item, use this part number:  E939583

    Elo Part Number  ET1928L-0NWM-1-GY-3-G   ET1928L0NWM1GY3G


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