Elo E271-2210 AccuTouch Serial Controller, In Stock, Brand New

    Elo E271-2210 AccuTouch Serial Controller, In Stock, Brand New

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    This item has been replaced by the Elo 2218 E658721 Accutouch Controller. Elo E271-2210 AccuTouch Controller

    Elo E271-2210 AccuTouch Controller

    When ordering this item, use this part number: E271-2210

    Elo AccuTouch E271-2210 E2712210 Accutouch Serial Controller

    Supply Voltage and Current

    • +5 VDC, nominal (+4.50 VDC to +5.25 VDC). Self powered only.
    • 50 mA standby, typical at +5 VDC; during touch 160 mA average, 240 mA peak
    • Average power dissipation is 0.5 W, typical
    • Supply must be capable of sourcing 400 mA, minimum
    • Total noise and ripple requirement must be less than 100mV (p-p) for frequencies below 1MHz, and less than 50mV (p-p) for frequencies above 1MHz.


    • EIA 232E (Serial RS-232), DCE configuration. 8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity, Full Duplex
    • Hardware handshaking: RTS/CTS
    • DSR is pulled HIGH (>+3V) by the 2210 when connected and powered.  DTR can be asserted by the host to interrupt the flow of data from the controller. 
    • Note that if the application does not monitor CTS, then an interval of approximately 5 seconds should be inserted between the issuance of a reset command and any other command.

    Communication Parameters

    • Baud Rate 9600 (default), and 19200
    • 8 Data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity only

    Touch Resolution

    • 4096x4096, size independent

    Conversion Time

    • Approximately 10 ms per coordinate set

    LED Diagnostic Characteristics

    A yellow LED indicates controller status as below:

    LED Blink Rate Function
    Once per second Normal condition, untouched state
    On continuously Touched state
    Four times per second Error detected




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