Honeywell Dolphin 70E-L00-C122SE2 Black, WLAN/Bluetooth/CAM/Imager/512MBx1GB+1GB

    Honeywell Dolphin 70E-L00-C122SE2 Black, WLAN/Bluetooth/CAM/Imager/512MBx1GB+1GB

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    Honeywell Dolphin 70E-L00-C122SE2 Black, WLAN/Bluetooth/CAM/Imager/512MBx1GB+1GB 70E-L00-C122SE2   70EL00C122SE2

    Honeywell Dolphin 70E-L00-C122SE2 Dolphin 70e Black Wireless Mobile Computer (WLAN/Bluetooth/CAM/Imager/512MBx1GB+1GB SD/AND4.0/STD. Battery/IP67)

    Honeywell Dolphin 70E-L00-C122SE2 70EL00C122SE2

    The Honeywell Dolphin 70e, Honeywell’s latest enterprise hybrid device, successfully marries the size, style and usability of a consumer device with the reliability and longevity of a traditional rugged hand-held. Engineered with premium materials and clean lines, the form factor of the Dolphin 70e elegantly lends itself to personal device usage while also meeting the challenges found in the unpredictable surroundings of the mobile enterprise.

    Condition: Brand new with original manufacturer warranty. Most items in stock.

    When ordering this item, use this part number: 70E-L00-C122SE2


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