Zebra Motorola ML-2452 Data Networking Antennas

Zebra Motorola ML-2452 Data Networking Antennas

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ML-2452-APA2-01 Symbol ML-2452-APA2-01 Antenna, 3/5DBI GHz Dual Band, DP, RP-SMA M $19.27
ML-2452-HPAG4A6-01 Motorola ML-2452-HPAG4A6-01 Antenna, DP; 4.0DBI at 2.4GHz, 6.0DB 6. 6.0dbi at 5GHz $96.35
ML-2452-HPA5-036 Zebra ML-2452-HPA5-036 Antenna, Dual Band Omni Antenna, 5DBI Gain $191.91
ML-2452-APA2-02 Zebra ML-2452-APA2-02 Antenna, 2.4-5GHz, DBAND, DP 6, 7 DBI, RP-SMA White $19.27
ML-2452-APAG2A1-01 Zebra ML-2452-APAG2A1-01 Antenna, Dipole; GN:2DBI-2.4GHz, 1DBI-5GHZ, Black $7.71
ML-2452-PNL9M3-036 Zebra ML-2452-PNL9M3-036 Antenna, MIMO Dual Band Sector $346.84
ML-2452-PTA6M6-036 Zebra ML-2452-PTA6M6-036 Antenna, Six-Port Omni directional Panel Antenna, RP-SMA Male $122.54
ML-2452-LAK1-01R Zebra ML-2452-LAK1-01R Lightning Arrestor, Dual Band and 12 Feet N-M2R-SMA $161.85
ML-2452-HPAG5A8-01 Zebra ML-2452-HPAG5A8-01 Antenna, OTD, DPL, 4.5DBI/7.5dbi $192.68
ML-2452-PNA5-01R Zebra ML-2452-PNA5-01R Antenna, 2.4/5 GHz, Sector 120, 5DBI, Type N-M Dual Band with Pigtail $191.91
ML-2452-APAG2A1-02 Zebra ML-2452-APAG2A1-02 Antenna, Dipole, GN, 2DBI-2.4GHz, 1DBI-5GHz, White $7.71
ML-2452-PNA7-01R Zebra ML-2452-PNA7-01R Antenna, 2.4/5 GHz, Sector 60, 7DBI Type N-M Dual Band with Pigtail $253.58
ML-2452-SEC6M3-N36 Zebra ML-2452-SEC6M3-N36 Dual-Band Panel Antenna $211.96
ML-2452-PTA2M2-036 Zebra ML-2452-PTA2M2-036 Antenna, 2 Port, Dual Band, Patch Antenna $115.61
ML-2452-PTA6X6-036 Zebra ML-2452-PTA6X6-036 Antenna, 6 Port Patch Antenna $173.42
ML-2452-PTA3M3-036 Zebra ML-2452-PTA3M3-036 Antenna, 802.11a-b-g, MIMO3, Patch, 3 DBI, 36 Inch, RPSMA $114.84
ML-2452-VMM3M3-036 Zebra ML-2452-VMM3M3-036 Antenna 3dual Band Elements VMM Antenna $192.68
ML-2452-HPA6-01 Zebra ML-2452-HPA6-01 Antenna Dual Band 6 DBI $30.06
ML-2452-HPA6M6-072 Zebra ML-2452-HPA6M6-072 Antenna, 6 Dual Element, Omni Antenna $346.07
ML-2452-HPA6X6-036 Zebra ML-2452-HPA6X6-036 Antenna, 2.4GHz Omni Directional Mount Antenna, 4.0-6.0dBi at 2.4GHz-5GHz, $230.45
ML-2452-PNL3M3-1 Zebra ML-2452-PNL3M3-1 Antenna, Dual Band Dual Polarized Sector Antenna $230.45
ML-2452-PTA6M6-1 Zebra ML-2452-PTA6M6-1 6-Element Antenna Fade, for Use with AP-8132 $76.30
ML-2452-SEC6M4-N36 Zebra ML-2452-SEC6M4-N36 Dual Pole Dual Band Wide BM DRT Antenna $335.27
ML-2452-PNA5-36R Zebra ML-2452-PNA5-36R Antenna, Dual Band Panel, 5 DBI, RP-SMA M $268.99
ML-2452-LAK1-02R Zebra ML-2452-LAK1-02R Dual Band Lightning Arrestor $99.43
ML-2452-PNL6M3-N36 Zebra ML-2452-PNL6M3-N36 Dual-Band Panel Antenna for APs with N-type connectors $180.35
ML-2452-PNL9M3-N36 Zebra ML-2452-PNL9M3-N36 Antenna, 3 Port Dual Band Panel Antenna $307.52
ML-2452-VMM5M3-N72 Zebra ML-2452-VMM5M3-N72 Dual-Band Dipole Antenna $153.38


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