Zebra DS4308 General Purpose Barcode Scanner

Zebra DS4308 General Purpose Barcode Scanner
  • PRZM Intelligent imaging technology
  • Next generation performance
  • Scan any bar code on any medium
  • Adjustable beeper volume and frequency tone
  • Superior out-of -box experience
  • Megapixel sensor for maximum data capture flexibility
  • Unsurpassed aiming technology

Zebra DS4308 General Purpose Barcode Scanner

Zebra DS4308 General Purpose Barcode Scanner

If you’re looking for extraordinary flexibility and performance in your handheld scanner, the next-generation scanning technology in the Zebra DS4308 delivers. Its truly extraordinary range does the job of two scanners, allowing you to scan nearer and farther than any other scanner in this class. Your workers can scan virtually any barcode.

The Zebra DS4308 does it all - 1D or 2D, electronic or printed on paper labels or plastic cards, even if the barcode is dirty, scratched or poorly printed. With PRZM Intelligent Imaging inside, your workers can capture barcodes as fast as they can pull the scan trigger. And that means no more Point-of-Sale exceptions that can turn into longer lines, longer wait times and lost sales. The Zebra DS4308 - a new class of scanner for a new world of barcodes.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
DS4308-SR7U2100AZW Zebra DS4308-SR7U2100AZW DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-SR, USB Kit, Black) $221.84
DS4308-HD7U2100SGW Zebra DS4308-HD7U2100SGW DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-HD, with Stand, USB Kit, Black) $246.70
DS4308-DL7U2100SGW Zebra DS4308-DL7U2100SGW DS4308 Scanner (DL, Black with Stand, USB Kit) $263.96
DS4308-SR7U2100SGW Zebra DS4308-SR7U2100SGW DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-SR, USB Kit, Stand, Black) $246.70
DS4308-SR6U2100AZW Zebra DS4308-SR6U2100AZW DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-SR, White, USB Kit, Includes CBA-U21-S07ZAR) $221.84
DS4308-HD00007ZZWW Zebra DS4308-HD00007ZZWW DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-HD, 2D, Twilight Black) $201.14
DS4308-HD7U2100AZW Zebra DS4308-HD7U2100AZW DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-HD, USB Kit with CBA-U21-S07ZAR Shielded USB Cable, Black) $221.84
DS4308-DL7U2100AZW Zebra DS4308-DL7U2100AZW DS4308-DL Scanner (USB Kit, Black) $239.10
DS4308-SR7U2100PZW Zebra DS4308-SR7U2100PZW DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-SR, USB Kit, Stand, Shielded USB Cable, Black) $272.93
DS4308-DL00007PZWW Zebra DS4308-DL00007PZWW DS4308 Scanner (2D, SR, Integrated STD, DL Parsing, Twilight Black) $271.55
DS4308-SR7R0110SGN Zebra DS4308-SR7R0110SGN DS4308 Scanner (DS4308-SR, with Stand, Serial Kit - NA, Black) $265.33
DS4308-SR00007PZWW Zebra DS4308-SR00007PZWW DS4308 Scanner (Imager with Presentation Stand, SR, Corded, Black) $254.29
DS4308-DL00007ZZWW Zebra DS4308-DL00007ZZWW DS4308 Scanner (Area Imager, DL Parsing, Twilight Black) $218.39
DS4308-DL00167ZZWW Zebra DS4308-DL00167ZZWW DS4308 Scanner (DMV/MSA DS4308 - DL Parsing, Twilight Black) $218.39
DS4308-SR00007PCWW Zebra DS4308-SR00007PCWW DS4308 Scanner (Imager with Presentation Stand, SR, Corded, Checkpoint EAS) $275.00
DS4308-SR00007ZZWW Zebra DS4308-SR00007ZZWW DS4308 Scanner (Imager, Standard Range, Black) $201.14
DS4308-HD7R0110AZN Zebra DS4308-HD7R0110AZN DS4308 Scanner (HD, Serial Kit, Black) $240.48
DS4308-HL7U2100AZW Zebra DS4308-HL7U2100AZW DS4308-HL Scanner Black USB Kit $237.03
DS4308-SR00006ZZWW Zebra DS4308-SR00006ZZWW DS4308 Scanner (2D Scanner, Standard Range, White) $201.14
DS4308-SR6U2100SGW Zebra DS4308-SR6U2100SGW DS4308-SR Scanner White (with Stand) USB KIT $246.70
DS4308-SR7R0110AZN Zebra DS4308-SR7R0110AZN DS4308-SR Scanner Black Serial Kit - NA $240.48
DS4308-SR7U2100AZA Zebra DS4308-SR7U2100AZA DS4308-SR Scanner Black USB Kit (APAC) $247.84
DS4308-SR7U3000SGW Zebra DS4308-SR7U3000SGW DS4308-SR Scanner Black USB Kit: DS4308-SR00007Z $269.25
DS4308-HD7U3200AZW Zebra DS4308-HD7U3200AZW DS4308-HD Black USB Kit: DS4308-HD00007Z $240.00
DS4308-SR00247ZZWW Zebra DS4308-SR00247ZZWW DS4308, Scanner Only, Standard Range, Airport Certified for SITA, Black $212.64


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