ViVOpay Vendi Contactless NFC Device with MagStripe Reader

ID TECH ViVOpay Vendi, Contactless NFC Payment Device with MagStripe Reader
  • SRED Contactless/NFC EMV, MagStripe Reader
  • Supports ISO 14443 and ISO 18092
  • Supports Apple Pay, Android Pay, mobile wallets
  • Interfaces to a variety of vending machines
  • Enables quick transactions
  • Firmware applications can easily be updated remotely
  • RS232 and USB connectivity
  • Equipped with LEDs and audio feedback

ID TECH ViVOpay Vendi, Contactless NFC Payment Device with MagStripe Reader

NEO Interface Developer's Guide

ID TECH ViVOpay Vendi Contactless NFC Payment Device with MagStripe Reader

The ID TECH ViVOpay Vendi contactless and magnetic stripe all-in-one payment device provides vending machine operators with an integrated acceptance device for contactless cards, NFC mobile phones and magnetic stripe cards.  Customers can just tap or swipe to make a payment, while being guided through the payment process via the integrated high-contrast display.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
IDVV-120101 ID TECH IDVV-120101 ID TECH, Vendi, Includes Standard Overlays, PN 240-2275-29 & 240-2274-00 $206.80
IDVV-120101-KT ID TECH IDVV-120101-KT ID TECH, Vendi Kit Includes Vendi Terminal, Eval Cable, RS232 Cable, USB Cable and Power Supply $272.80
IDVV-380131-KT ID TECH IDVV-380131-KT ID TECH, ViVOpay, Vend III, Chip/Smart card + Contactless and MSR Card Reader for RS232 and/or USB; Kit Includes Controller, Standard Antenna, Eval Cable, RS232 Cable, USB Cable and Power Supply $470.80
80139201-001 ID Tech 80139201-001 Eval Cable $9.48
220-0012-00 ID TECH 220-0012-00 Interface Cable, USB Cable, 39 Inch $9.48
220-2442-00 ID TECH 220-2442-00 Interface Cable, Cable Assembly, USB to RS232 Converter, RJ50, 56 Inch $21.72
220-2463-00 ID TECH 220-2463-00 Interface Cable, Cable, Standard RS232 Serial, 39 Inch $10.22
220-2463-02 ID TECH 220-2463-02 RS232 Cable, 3 Meter 220-2463-02 $11.49
240-2275-07 ID TECH 240-2275-07 Top Overlay, Generic 240-2275-07 $3.20
240-2274-00 ID TECH 240-2274-00 Overlay, Keypad 240-2274-00 $2.55
240-2274-01 ID TECH 240-2274-01 Bottom Overlay, No Keypad 240-2274-01 $3.83
240-2274-09 ID TECH 240-2274-09 Bottom Overlay, Crane 240-2274-09 $2.55
140-2035-00 ID TECH 140-2035-00 Power Supply, USA plug, 9VDC 1.7A, 90-264VAC $16.61
140-2035-01 ID TECH 140-2035-01 Power Supply, EUR plug, 9VDC 1.7A, 90-264VAC 140-2035-01 $17.19
140-2035-02 ID TECH 140-2035-02 Power Supply, UK plug, 9VDC 1.7A, 90-264 VAC 140-2035-02 $20.42
140-2035-03 ID TECH 140-2035-03 Power Supply, Australia plug, 9VDC 1.7A, 90-264 VAC 140-2035-03 $17.87
520-2269-00 ID TECH 520-2269-00 DTC Cover Kit 520-2269-00 $29.10
520-2270-00 ID TECH 520-2270-00 DTC Wall Mount Extension Bracket 520-2270-00 $56.87
241-0015-03 ID TECH 241-0015-03 Test Card Assembly, MIFARE1K, PRT-PRG, VT TEST 241-0015-03 $6.46


The ID TECH ViVOpay Vendi is also capable of “remote download” to update its firmware applications without need for local intervention. This capability, combined with larger memory, provides a truly future-proofed solution equipped with a powerful ARM processor enabling additional processing power for advanced contactless applications. The ViVOpay Vendi is designed with a variety of mounting options to accommodate quick mounting onto a wide range of vending machines and drive-thru applications.

The ID TECH ViVOpay Vendi supports multiple applications such as MasterCard® PayPass™, Visa® VCPS, ExpressPay from American ExpressSM, and Discover and is capable of Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other mobile wallet applications.

The ID TECH ViVOpay Vendi also supports private-label gift and loyalty cards and is ready for future scalability. Vending machine operators can rest assured that the investment of today will support the developments in contactless payments of the future.


  • EMV Contactless L1
  • American Express Expresspay
  • Discover DPAS
  • Interac
  • Mastercard Paypass
  • Visa VCPS
  • Accepts Apple Pay 
  • Accepts Google Wallet
  • ISO18092
  • SRED


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