VeriFone MX 860 Signature Capture Credit Card Terminals

VeriFone MX860 Signature Capture EMV Credit Card Terminals
  • Bright, full-color, backlit display
  • Durable, chemically hardened glass
  • Industry-leading picture with graphics
  • Includes PCI PTS 2.x, and EMV Level 1 and Level 2 Type approvals
  • Supports end-to-end security with VeriShield Total Protect
  • Fast processor handles animation and full motion video
  • Tactile keypad and non-mechanical stylus
  • Ethernet connectivity allows content to be downloaded seamlessly
  • Bi-directional mag-stripe reader minimizes re-swiping
  • Includes a smart card reader and upgradable contactless reader
  • Large screen area accommodates optional signature capture
  • A wide variety of connectivity options

VeriFone MX860 Signature Capture EMV Credit Card Terminals

VeriFone MX 860 Signature Capture Contactless EMV Credit Card Terminals

The VeriFone MX 860 joins versatility and performance into one package. A wide screen, a tactile keypad and a large signature area speed up checkout times.

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A store packed with shoppers is a merchant's dream. Prepare for the dream with the VeriFone MX 860, a payment solution with a fast processor and ample memory that's designed for high-volume lanes. Its 480x272 wide-screen color display features full-motion video for promotions and digital signage applications and promotes revenue generation and high-value services such as gift card purchase or reload, price checker, product locator, loyalty program enrollment, contracts or instant credit applications.

Combined with the VeriFone MX 800 series printer and scanner and multiple connectivity options, it includes power over Ethernet, WiFi, USB and various serial interfaces. With a secure browser platform, the VeriFone MX 860 provides versatility, performance and functions that speeds consumers through lanes.


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