TouchWindow® Serial Troubleshooting

When attempting to use the TouchWindow® (Serial), it does not functioning properly. A conflict with another device connected to the computer can cause this issue. Consult the remainder of this technical note for instructions that describe how to avoid device conflicts.

Verify that the TouchWindow® is not connected to a port that is in conflict with another device. Consider the following information when attempting to identify the source of the issue.
  • Ports COM 1 and COM 3 usually share interrupt request 4 (IRQ 4), while COM 2 and COM 4 usually share interrupt request 3 (IRQ 3). Using the TouchWindow® with a device that shares the same interrupt is not recommended.
  • TouchWindow® will not work on an interrupt request (IRQ) that is used by a serial mouse. For example, avoid connecting the serial mouse to port COM 1 while the TouchWindow® is connected to Com 3.
  • A modem (external or internal) will not function on the same interrupt request (IRQ) as the TouchWindow®. (The modem will not be able to dial out.) There is, however, one exception: A modem on a primary port (COM 1 or COM 2) sharing the IRQ with the TouchWindow® on a secondary port (COM 3 or COM 4) may be able to function. (The TouchWindow®, however, will not respond while the modem is communicating.)


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