Zebra QL220 QLn220 Mobile Printer

Zebra QL220 QL320 Mobile Printer
  • Accommodates situations real-time and at the point of application
  • Connects to a wider variety of terminals
  • Offers a rugged, lightweight mobile solution

Zebra QL220 QLn220 Mobile Printer

Zebra QL220 QLn220 Mobile Printer

At 1.04 lbs (.47 kg), the lightweight the Zebra QL 220 Mobile Printer is the smallest network addressable printer in the AIDC Industry. This 2 inch (50.8 mm) direct thermal mobile printer has been designed with the most advanced technology in rubberized over-molding to maintain both rugged construction and minimal weight. With center-loading media, smart battery monitoring, and an optional LCD, it provides user-friendly options to keep your business moving. The Zebra QL 220 is ideal for many applications, including price marking, shelf labeling, inter-store transfers, direct store vendor delivery and verification, and for mobile point-of-sale at boutique stores where space is at a premium. The QL 220's QuickLink modules, with Bluetooth or 802.11b radios, offer the flexibility to adjust to a wide range of connectivity needs. As needs change, so can QuickLink modules.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
QN2-AUBA0E00-00 QLn220 Direct Thermal Mobile Printer (Bluetooth, Linered Platen, 3/4, Ethernet) $697.35
QN2-AU1A0E00-00 QLn220 Direct Thermal Mobile Printer (Serial/USB) $633.66
QN2-AUNA0000-00 Zebra QLn220 Mobile Printer CPCL/EPL/ZPL/XML BLT CP 802.11N DT/LNRD PLTN 3/4 CORE $808.79
QN2-AUCA0E00-00 Zebra Mobile Printer QLn220 Direct Thermal Bluetooth, 3.0 Linered Platen $697.35
QN2-AUCA0E00-01 Zebra Mobile Printer QLn220 Direct Thermal Bluetooth 3.0 Siemens, Linered Platen $741.92
QH2-AUCA0M00-00 Zebra Mobile Printer QLN220 HC USB, Bluetooth 3.0+M Fi, Ethernet $737.35
QH2-AUNA0M00-00 Zebra Mobile Printer QLn220 HC USB 802.11a/b/g/n Dual Radio (BT3.0+MFi), Ethernet $848.51
QN2-AUCA0M00-00 Zebra Mobile Printer QLN220 DT CPCL,ZPL,XML,Bluetooth 3.0 MFI+Ethernet, Cradle Required $707.71
QN2-AUNA0M00-00 Zebra Mobile Printer QLn220 USB, 802.11a/b/g/n Dual Radio BT3.0+MFi $818.86
QN2-AU1A0M00-00 Zebra Mobile Printer QLn220, Serial and USB Mfi and Ethernet $641.01
QN2-AUNA0MB0-00 Zebra Printer QLn220; 802.11n, Mfi + Ethernet, linered Platen Extended Battery $878.15
QN2-AUNB0M00-00 Zebra Printer QLn220 Wireless Printer, 802.11n, MFi + Ethernet, 128M RAM DT/Liner- Platen $852.21
QN2-AUCA0MB0-00 Zebra Printer QLn220 Bluetooth 3.0+MFi, XBAT, Extended, No Belt Clip $766.99


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