POS-X ION POS Cash Drawers

POS-X ION POS Cash Drawer
  • Till contains adjustable 5 bill and 5 or 6 coin slots
  • Interchangeable interface cables*
  • Heavy duty metal bill weights
  • Thick gauge cold rolled steel
  • Till compatible with Canadian currency
  • 3-year includes 2-day Advance Exchange service

*Does not apply to the ION Manual Cash Drawer.

POS-X ION POS Cash Drawer

POS-X ION POS Cash Drawer

The POS-X ION Series Cash Drawer strikes the perfect balance between durability and price. With both a 16 inch and an 18 inch model, a choice between black or stainless steel front panel, automatic or manual open, and a shatter-resistant ABS plastic till, the ION has the versatility and durability required for retail or restaurant settings.  This drawer has a fully adjustable till with 5 bill slots sporting heavy duty bill weights and 5 or 6 coin slots all housed in a stout cold-rolled steel case. In addition, the ION Cash Drawer is available as a standalone manual cash drawer, perfect for mobile applications and any time automatic-open model isn't needed.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
ION-C16A-1B POS-X ION-C16A-1B Cash Drawer, 16x16 Black Face, One Slot $88.81
ION-C16A-1S POS-X ION-C16A-1S Cash Drawer, 16x16 Stainless Face, One Slot $93.30
ION-C16M-1B POS-X ION-C16M-1B Cash Drawer, 16x16, Black Face, Media Slot, Manual Open, One Slot $67.45
ION-C18A-1B POS-X ION-C18A-1B Cash Drawer, 18x18, Black Face, Two Slots $111.30
ION-C18A-1S POS-X ION-C18A-1S Cash Drawer, 18x18 Stainless Face, Two Slots $116.92
ION-C18A-1BC POS-X ION-C18A-1BC Cash Drawer, 18x18 Black Face, Two Slots, Canadian $97.90
ION-C16S-1B POS-X ION-C16S-1B ION Slide Cash Drawer, 16x16, Black $108.90
ION-C16S-1BC POS-X ION-C16S-1BC ION Slide Cash Drawer, 16x16, Black, Can 4-Bill $99.00
ION-C16S-1S POS-X ION-C16S-1S ION Slide Cash Drawer, 16x16, Stainless $114.40
ION-C16S-1SC POS-X ION-C16S-1SC ION Slide Cash Drawer, 16x16, Stainless, Can 4-Bill $103.40
ION-C18S-1S POS-X ION-C18S-1S ION Slide Cash Drawer, 18x18, Stainless $103.40


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