P4 Short Outdoor Vertical Kiosk Stand

P6 Outdoor Vertical Kiosk Stand

  • For IP65 Rated Displays click here: IP65 Displays
  • For IP67 Rated Displays click here: IP67 Displays
  • Heavy duty outdoor display stand
  • IP-65 (water) sealed enclosure
  • Sealed with watertight fittings, gaskets, and Heyco fittings
  • Heavy duty gauge steel
  • Bengal Silver color powder-coat finish
  • ADA compliant
  • Great for drive-through order menu systems
  • See taller P6 Outdoor Kiosk Stand

P4 Outdoor Vertical Kiosk Stand

P4 Short Outdoor Vertical Kiosk Stand

Column Dimensions
Baseplate Dimensions
A (Height)
B (Width)
C (Depth)
D (Width)
E (Depth)
P4 - Outdoor Kiosk Stand
79 lbs
Display Mount
100mm VESA Mounting Bracket Included
For other VESA mount sizes click here
Fits Display Sizes
18.5", 21.5" Outdoor ODK Kiosk
Color Bengal Silver color powder-coat finish


 Click  Part # Name     Price
P4OutdoorKioskStand Podium Kiosk-4 Outdoor Stand and Head Mount for 18.5-21.5 Inch Kiosks (no touch screen or computer) $1,020.00
TWIE-IE-KB-PB-514 PERIBOARD 514PLUS Keyboard Wired Trackball Keyboard, USB Interface TWIE-IE-KB-PB-514 $66.00


  • Rugged, durable Outdoor kiosk stand
  • Runner gaskets or water tight fittings
  • See taller P8 Outdoor Kiosk Stand
  • IP65 Enclosure - Water resistant, splash proof, dust proof
  • IP67 Enclosure - Water proof, totally sealed, dust proof


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