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Motorola Scanner Parts and Accessories

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M2590001001 Motorola Cover (Plastic Facade) For the AP-7131x $18.55
KT-126574-01R Motorola Earpads: Package of 5, Foam $37.58
25-13227-03R Motorola Cable RS232 6' Straight No Beeper W/Trigger $27.40
25-13228-03R Motorola Cable RS232 6' Straight W/Beep W/Trigger $27.40
25-58925-02R Motorola Cable USB 6' Straight No Beep W/Trigger $27.40
25-62186-03R Motorola Cable RS232 TTL To True RS232 Converter $31.31
CBA-U32-C09ZAR Motorola Shielded Cable: USB, (Series A), 9FT, CL $25.06
STB2000-F10007R Motorola MT2070/2070 Forklift Cradle Charge Only $161.03
CBA-U26-S09EAR Motorola Cable Universal Style USB 9' Straight Shielded EAS $46.98
SSB-DS9208-30 Motorola 3 Year Service From Start Service Center Bronze. No Comprehensive Coverage $35.98
SSB-MC319R-50 Motorola 5 Year Service from the Start Bronze. Includes Comprehensive $552.21
SXB-LS3408-20-R Motorola Renewal-Service From Bronze 2 YR $80.58
CBA-U34-C09ZAR Motorola Shielded Cable: USB, Power Plus, 9FT, CLD $39.15
CBA-R12-S07PAR Motorola Cable: RS232(STD DB9F, TXD-2)12V PS 7FT $19.57
TM-CUN690-KT Motorola PA690 Case W Shoulder Strap $65.58
TIS-239509TGB03 Motorola TIS Trigger Handle For MC95 incl. stop Block $101.94
11-145357-01R Motorola Belt Clip (with Retractor) For the CS3000/3070 $43.07
FLB3578-C0007WR Motorola Forklift Cradle (Multi-Interface) For the DS/LS 3578 $256.91
SSB-MC55XX-30 Motorola 3 Year Service from the Start $185.43
KT-111236-01R Motorola DC-to-DC Converter Cable Kit (with Relay Switch) For the RD5000 $179.62
PWRS-14000-247R Motorola Handheld Barcode Scanner Power Supply: 100 - 250VAC; 48.0 VDC 0.75A $43.31
STYLUS-00006-50R Motorola Symbol MP95 Stylus: MC95, Non Spring Lead, With Tether, 50 Pack $313.19
LI4278-SR1R0110SRN Zebra LI4278-SR1R0110SRN Cordless Linear Imager (Standard Cradle, Serial Kit, White, USA, CA, MX, JP, TW) $398.29
CBA-R37-C09ZAR Motorola Handheld Barcode Scanner Cable - RS232: DB9 Female CON. 9ft (2.8m) Coiled, Power Pin $61.08
SG-MC40HLSTR-01R Motorola Scanner Holster: MC40 Belt Mounted Soft Hip $60.50
LI4278-SR7R0110SRN Zebra LI4278-SR7R0110SRN Cordless Linear Imager (Black, STD Cradle Serial Kit, USA, CA, MX, JP, TW) $391.79
1116191004 Motorola DS9208 Scanner Desk mount, Midnight Black $12.17
25-04950-01R Motorola Handheld Scanner MiniScan Cable Assembly (Push Button Trigger Cable) $46.98
SG-SB1X-HLSTR-02R Motorola Symbol Barcode Scanner HOLSTER: HIP/BELT,W/TETHER SB1 $16.45
SG-SB1X-WRSTB-01R Motorola Symbol Barcode Scanner KT:ARM/WRIST BAND,SB1 $15.66
SG-ES4011110-01R Symbol Silicone Sleeve ES400 $22.02
SG-MC40-RBOOT-01R Zebra SG-MC40-RBOOT-01R MC40 (Non-MSR) Rubber Protective Boot, Single $23.49
MK3900-AU0PZ0GWTWR Motorola MK3000 Micro Kiosk Scanner 802.11 A/B/G Ethernet EOS PMB 2262 $1,008.07
25-85052-02R Motorola Power Cable Assembly 20 ft - use with Motorola PWRS-14001-006R $19.57
CBA-K61-S07PAR Motorola Cable, Auto Host Detect, Keyboard Wedge 7ft. Straight $14.41
CBA-K62-C09PAR Motorola Cable, Auto Host Detect Keyboard Wedge 9ft. Coiled $21.14
CBA-U01-S07ZAR Zebra CBA-U01-S07ZAR 7 Feet, Series A Connector USB, Straight $21.14
CBA-R49-C09ZAR Motorola Cable: RS232 TRU TTL. DB9F, PWR9, 9FT, CLD, -30C $57.78
BTRY-CS40EAB00-04 Motorola CS40E Battery Replacements for CS4070 -SR $30.53
CS4070-HCB00000DRW Zebra CS4070-HCB00000DRW CS4070 Healthcare, 2D Imager, Cordless Bluetooth, Includes Micro USB Cable and Dongle, White $661.61

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Motorola Handheld Barcode Scanner Parts and Scanner Accessories


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