ID TECH VersaScan II, Long Range CCD Scanner

ID TECH VersaScan II, Long Range CCD Scanner

ID TECH VersaScan II, Long Range CCD Scanner

Product Data Brochure
  • Ergonomic design for superior handling
  • Long range scanning up to 13.8 inches
  • Auto-sensing mode
  • Rugged design for industrial environment
  • Supports most standard 1D barcode symbologies plus PDF417
  • Data editing features
  • Configuration cloning capability
  • 450 scans per second
  • Trouble-free interchangeable communication cable between PS/2, RS232, and USB Keyboard interfaces

ID TECH’s second generation long range CCD barcode scanner, the VersaScan II, boasts a scan rate of 450 scans per second, topping its class. With a competitive scanning range of up to 13.8 inches, the VersaScan II allows for excellent reading at an optimal distance. The VersaScan II features an auto-sensing mode, allowing the scanner to operate while resting in its stand. When the scanner detects a barcode is present, it will automatically activate, allowing users the freedom of scanning barcodes without a scanner in their hands. In addition to the freedom provided by the superior transmission range, the VersaScan II has the ability to read all global 1D barcode symbologies as well as PDF417. With such flexibility, ID TECH's VersaScan II is an excellent scanner for multiple applications.

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IDBB-4221LRB VersaScan II Long Range CCD Scanner (RS232, Long Range to 13.8 Inch, 1D and PDF417 - NO PS) - Black $87.03
IDBB-4231LRB VersaScan II Long Range CCD Scanner (Keyboard/PS/2, LR to 13.8 Inch, 1 and PDF417, 450S/SEC) - Black $87.03
IDBB-4241LRB VersaScan II Long Range CCD Scanner (USB - Requires Stand IDBB-4001LRBS) - Color: Black $87.00
IDBB-4001LRBS Stand (Black) for the VersaScan II $16.92



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