Heckler H505 WindFall mPOS Checkout Stand for iPad

Heckler H505 WindFall mPOS Checkout Stand for iPad

Heckler H505 WindFall mPOS Checkout Stand for iPad

mPOS Stand with Optional iDynamo 5 Support

The ideal iPad Point-of-Sale Stand. We've refined our original, patented WindFall Stand design to include optional iDynamo 5 security, an optional sturdy card-swipe path, and hidden screws.

 Click  Part # Name     Price
H505-BG Heckler H505-BG WindFall mPOS Checkout Stand for iPad, Black Grey $119.00
H505-GW Heckler H505-GW WindFall mPOS Checkout Stand for iPad, Grey White $119.00
H505-BR Heckler H505-BR WindFall mPOS Checkout Stand for iPad, Bright Red $119.00
H509-BG Heckler H509 External Card Reader Bracket for SecureMag and Dynamag $29.00
T223 PivotTack for WindFall, Includes One PivotTack and One Cotter Pin, Requires .5 Inch Hole in Countertop, Complete Cable Management $10.00
T222 PivotTable for Windfall, Contains Base, Head, Kensington ClickSafe Anchor, Assembly Screw, Assembly Tool, Adhesive Strip $20.00


Dimensions Width: 8 inches
Depth: 4.5 inches
Height: 5.13 inches
Weight 3.58 lbs
Viewing Angle 45 degrees
Materials Powdercoated Steel
Compatible Devices iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad (5th Gen)
Compatible Apps Bindo, Breadcrumb, Envoy, Lightspeed, LobbyConnect, Loyverse POS, PayPal Here, Quickbooks, Revel, Shopify, Shopkeep, Square, Swiped On, TouchBistro, VEND, Welkio, iLobby
Compatible Card Readers ID TECH Augusta, ID TECH MiniMag II, ID TECH SecureMag, ID TECH iMag Pro II, ID TECH iMag Pro, MagTek Dynamag, MagTek iDynamo, MagTek uDynamo, PayAnywhere (Apple Pay, EMV), Square Contactless + Chip Reader, iDynamo 5, iZettle
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In The Box

  • WindFall Checkout Stand
  • Removable iDynamo 5 swipe and security parts
  • Assembly Tool

Heckler Design WindFall mPOS Checkout Stand

Optional iDynamo 5 Support

Checkout Stand comes with optionally-installed swipe guides for iDynamo 5 card readers that allow for consistent, no-look swipes. The guides also prevent theft of the card reader.

No iDynamo 5?  No problem

Don't plan on using iDynamo 5? No problem, the optional swipe guides are easily uninstalled - making Checkout Stand ideal for your shop's transition to external payment terminals.

External Card Reader Ready

WindFall Checkout Stand works great with external mag stripe readers, thanks to External Card Reader Bracket (sold separately). MagTek Dynamag, iDTech SecureMag, and IDTech MiniMag are compatible.

Secured, Not Enclosed

Your iPad isn't going anywhere. Our patented tablet brackets closely contour and capture your iPad's corners with heavy steel. This security comes with uncompromised functionality. With WindFall Checkout Stand, every camera, button, switch, and speaker remains functional and accessible. You can use the Guided Access feature in iOS to limit the functionality of the Home button and other iPad features. Important note: WindFall Checkout Stand is not compatible with audio port card readers and other audio port accessories.

Pair Beautifully with WindFall Cash Drawer

Combine Checkout Stand with WindFall Cash Drawer to give your shop an impressive conversation piece. Buy the WindFall iPad Point of Sale and save.

Secure Mounting with Cable Management

Attach WindFall Checkout Stand to your countertop and route its power cable out-of-site with PivotTack (sold separately). Drill a 1/2 inch diameter hole in your countertop and benefit from the security, cable management, and swiveling ability that PivotTack brings to Checkout Stand. Use the included cotter pin to keep your Stand from leaving your countertop, or add even more security with a hidden padlock.

Secure Mounting with Adhesive, No Drilling Required

PivotTable (sold separately) offer the same great pivot and swivel functionality as PivotTack, with no drilling required. PivotTable comes with two adhesive discs - a double-sided adhesive disc for permanent mounting directly to the countertop, and a single-sided adhesive disc that allows you to pick up and move your Stand around. PivotTable also includes a Kensington ClickSafe Anchor mount for compatibility with Kensington ClickSafe Cable Lock.

Kensington ClickSafe Cable Lock Compatible

Whether you're using the anchor point on PivotTable or the integrated Kensington Security Slot in its base, Checkout Stand can be tethered with Kensington ClickSafe Cable Lock (sold separately).


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