Hanger Arm Instructions are Incomplete

When attempting to attach the 17" TouchWindow® to the monitor, you notice that the instructions included with the new hanger arm system are incomplete. View the remainder of this technical note for the complete instructions to install the new hanger arm system.

Installing the New Hanger Arm System on a 17" TouchWindow®
  1. Using the supplied Allen wrench, remove the feet (L-shaped piece of plastic at each corner) from the top of the TouchWindow®.
  2. Position the left and right hanger arms so they align with the holes used to attach the feet (Step 1).

    NOTE: Verify that the Velcro® insert faces away from the front of the TouchWindow® so that it can attach to the top of the monitor.
  3. Reinstall the feet using the screws that were removed in Step 1 (above).

    NOTE: Do not use the small screws included with the kit unless the TouchWindow® is attached to a true flat-screen monitor and the feet are not used.
  4. Place the supplied circular Velcro® fastener on top of the monitor.
  5. Position the hanger arms so that they attach to the Velcro® fastener on top of the monitor.
  6. Ensure that the original Velcro® strips shipped with the TouchWindow® are in place at each of the four corners.


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