Firich FEC Gladius Smart Accessories

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2GB FEC 2GB Upgrade to 2GB of RAM from 1GB Memory $46.00
LED FEC LED Upgrade to 15" LED LCD (100k hours), 450-nits, 1024 x 768 $90.85
CAP FEC CAP Upgrade to Capacitive Touch Screen $231.15
ALCM-LBEPS0 FEC ALCM-LBEPS0 Built-in 20x2 LCM Customer Display $39.10
TYPEB FEC TYPEB Type B Interface: COM3 & COM5 (RJ45), 1 x 24V Power USB, 1 x Mic-in $12.65
TYPEC FEC TYPEC Type C Interface: COM3 & COM5 (RJ45), 1 x 12V Power USB, 1 x Mic-in $12.65
TYPED FEC TYPED Type D Interface: 1 x 12V & 1 x 24V Power USB, 1 x Mic-in $12.65
TYPEE FEC TYPEE Type E Interface: 2 x 24V Cash Drawer Port $12.65
AMSRFUB530G FEC AMSRFUB530G Magnetic Stripe Reader (3-track) + Fingerprint Reader $102.35
AWIFIUIG000 FEC AWIFIUIG000 Integrated Wifi 802.11 B/G kit (USB) $49.45
AVFD-RB2900 FEC AVFD-RB2900 VFD 2029 (2x20, 9mm), RS232, Pole Type, Gladius Smart, Black $101.09
ARDSPVB2N00 FEC ARDSPVB2N00 12" 330-nit LED LCD, NO Touch Screen, Aluminum Die-Casting (15cm Pole) $405.95
ARDSPVB5N00 FEC ARDSPVB5N00 15" Rear Display, Pole type, No touch, Gladius Smart, Black (15cm Pole) $405.95
AWAL-0B0000 FEC AWAL-0B0000 Wall Mount Kit for Gladius Smart $46.00
RA9000XC1702 FEC RA9000XC1702 Dongle cable : RJ-45 to DB9 RS-232C $23.00
APSS-0B0000 FEC APSS-0B0000 Printer/Scanner stand for Gladius Smart $123.05
ALPS-0B0000 FEC ALPS-0B0000 Low Profile Stand for Gladius Smart $123.05


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