Ding-Bing "Scratch and Dent"

Ding Bing items are products that have been been on display, damaged in shipping, or returned from a customer.   Ding-Bing products carry full remaining manufacturers warranty.  Ding-Bing items have limited availability.

Ding-Bing items may have minor cracks, scratches, dings or dents. They have been inspected and are fully functional. User manuals, software manuals and accessories are typically included.  Limited return policy except for DOA.

Place your order by calling 1-828-835-3322 or E-mail: scott@touchwindow.com    Updated 01/01/2018

"B-Stock" products are functional but cannot be sold as new, due to impaired physical condition, missing items, or both. Each unit has been inspected and classified into one of three "Condition Codes".

Condition B1: Functional, in very good to excellent condition (new or close to new), packaged in a generic box. May be missing some minor accessories. Minor accessories are defined as cables, manuals, software CDs, straps, cases, Velcro strips, mounting hardware, sample media, etc.

Condition B2: Functional, in fair-to-good condition, packaged in a generic box. May be missing minor accessories (as defined in Condition 1, above). May be missing some or all necessary accessories, including, but not limited to, power supplies, batteries, etc. Noticeable scratches, dents or scuff marks may be present.

Condition B3: Functional, packaged in a generic box. May be missing some or all minor and necessary accessories (as defined in Conditions 1 and 2, above). May be missing various screws, fasteners or non-essential covers, may have very obvious scratches, dents, scuff marks or cracks, may have broken or bent covers, may show signs of shipping damage or usage. Monitors and LCD displays may have one or more dead pixels.

Vendor Part # Mfgr. Part # Description Qty Price
ELO1E001296 E001296 B1 B1 IDS COMP MOD; I5; 4GB; 320 GB HHD  5 489.88
ELO2E107085 E107085 B2 BS-2 4201 IDS 42"OPTFullHD VGA/HDMI/D-Pt 2 1085.86
ELO2E001300 E001300 B2 B2 COMPMOD-IDS01 SER i7,8GB/320HD,WIN8,N 1 484.24
ELO2E021014 E021014 B2 B2 10.1" I-SERI LCD,ANDROID OS,PCAP,GRAY 1 284.52
ELO2E056050 E056050 B2 B2 2244 OPENFRA 22"LED IT+CLEARbigg*NCNR 1 255.48
ELO2E218847 E218847 B2 B2 5502L,55" LCD,Infrared,VGA,HDMI  1 1320.66
ELO2E222370 E222370 B2 B2 4602L, INFRARED, USB, CLEAR, GRAY  1 1126.96
ELO2E268254 E268254 B2 B2 5501LT, INFRARED, USB, CLEAR, GRAY OW 1 1520.80
ELO2E382790 E382790 B2 B2 2201L, iTOUCH,USB,0 BEZEL,CLEAR, BLK  1 239.55
ELO2E396119 E396119 B2 B2 2002L, PCAP, USB, 0BEZ, ANTIGL, BLACK 1 252.07
ELO2E785667 E785667 B2 B2 Wall mount bracket for 7001L  1 191.87


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