CradlePoint Retail POS Hardware Parts and Accessories

Cradlepoint Retail POS Hardware Parts and Accessories

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MBR1200B CradlePoint MBR1200B Mobile Broadband Router $229.99
IBR600LPE-AT CradlePoint, M2M Integrated Broadband Router, AT&T Multi-Band Embedded Modem, WiFi $571.99
IBR650LPE-SP CradlePoint, M2M Integrated Broadband Router, with Sprint Multi-Band Embedded Modem, No WiFi $527.99
MC400LPE-SP CradlePoint, Multi-Band Modem for AT&T for 2100 $395.99
MC400LPE-SP-ARC CradlePoint, Multi-Band Modem for Sprint, for MBR1400, CBA750B $395.99
2100LPE-SP CradlePoint, 4G Enterprise Branch Networking Platform with SP Multi-Band Integrated Modem $967.99
IBR600LPE-SP CradlePoint, M2M Integrated Broadband Router, with Sprint Multi-Band Embedded Modem and WiFi $571.99
MBR1400LPE-SP CradlePoint, ARC MBR1400 Series, Branch Router, W/ Integrated 3G/4G $703.99
IBR350L-VZ CradlePoint, Compact M2M Gateway for Kiosks, ATM, Digital Signage, use with Verizon LTE Only $395.99
ARC-CBA750B-LP CradlePoint ARC CBA750B Series with Integrated Generic 3G/4G Radio ARC-CBA750B-LP $527.99
PS6S8800M CradlePoint Accessory, Cradle, 1 Slot with Battery Charger, Serial to Modem PPT8800 PS6S880M $255.55
170629-000 CradlePoint, AER Rack Mount with Flexible Antenna Leads $193.59
CBA850LPE-VZ CradlePoint, CBA850 with Verizon Multi-Band 3G/4G Integrated Modem $598.39
CBA850 CradlePoint, Cellular Broadband Adapter for Overlay Failover and Out-of-Band Management $307.99
CBA850LPE-SP CradlePoint, CBA850 with Sprint Multi-Band 3G/4G Integrated Modem $598.39
IBR600P-AT CradlePoint, M2M Integrated Broadband Router with AT&T HSPA and Embedded Modem and WiFi $439.99
IBR350LPE-VZ CradlePoint, Compact M2M Gateway for Kiosks, ATMS, Digital Signage with Verizon Multi Band Embedded Modem $501.59
CBA850LPE-AT CradlePoint, CBA850 with AT&T Multi-Band 3G/4G Integrated Modem $598.39
CBA850LPE-GN CradlePoint, CBA850 with Generic Multi-Band 3G/4G Integrated Modem $598.39
IBR350P2 CradlePoint, Compact M2M Gateway for Kiosks, ATMs, Digital Signage $307.99
MBR1400LP-AT CradlePoint, ARC MBR1400 Router, Business Series Router with Dual-Mode, High Performance 4G LTE, HSPA, Wireless WAN Connection for the AT&T Network and 802.11 A,B,G,N WiFi, ARC Products $615.99
170649-000 CradlePoint 170649-000, Universal 3G/4G/LTE 2DBI/3DBI Modem Antenna $13.96
170636-100 CradlePoint, 2 Meter Power and GPIO Cable Direct Wire with Filter for E-Mark Compliant $13.88
170656-000 CradlePoint, DIN Rail Mounting Bracket For Use With IBR 1100/IBR 1150 $29.03
170584-001 CradlePoint, COR Wall Power Adapter, Replacement Wall Power Supply for COR Products $25.29
170659-000 CradlePoint, White, Universal 3G/4G/LTE 2DBI/3DBI Antenna with SMA Connector for all AER, ARC, COR and MC400 Products (1X) $14.51
EEL-LOAD CradlePoint, Factory EEL Key File Load and Drop-Ship $34.85


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